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Ukraine’s Isolation

Posted by Angela Yang on May 6, 2012 at 5:30 am

If you’re a football fan, this article may be the one for you, as the Euro 2012 Football Championships are happening in the European Union! However, EU leaders are boycotting these games held by Ukraine and Poland. Several others also plan to stay away from the upcoming summit in Yalta (a city in Ukraine) later this month. These decisions were all made in an effort to bring attention and aid to the unjust treatment of the Ukrainian opposition’s leader, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Ms. Tymoshenko was put into jail by Ukraine’s current president, Viktor Yanukovych. Even though he easily won the elections in February 2010, Yanukovych has chosen to imprison her for longer, despite warnings from the EU. Furthermore, it was unnecessary because his opponent had already lost her popularity in the “orange revolution” of 2004, where she proved to be inconsistent and hold debatable opinions. Originally, an agreement was made for opening markets from the EU to Ukrainian exports, but this was further postponed since Mr. Yanukovych remains adamant about his governing style, and keeping Ms. Tymoshenko behind bars. It validates the argument that the president cares more about his own power than bringing economic benefits to the country.

Last October, Yulia Tymoshenko was sentenced to seven years in prison. Later, she was pictured with bruises on her body, which she claimed casino en ligne francais bonus sans depot were from prison guards. Now, she is on a hunger strike. While Yanukovych wanted to keep his competitor out of the media by putting her away in jail, his plan backfired because voters have not forgotten about her. Instead, they rather respect and sympathize with her for her strong character. More than ever, leaders of the EU similarly feel that Viktor Yanukovych has gone way too far, as the regime has become autocratic and corrupted. Ukraine developed an insufficient democracy as well as a weakened justice system under his rule.

One thing to look out for is the Ukrainian parliamentary elections. Ms. Tymoshenko is presently forming an alliance with another major opposing party, designed for the two to run as a unified group. These elections in October will play a key factor in what the EU will do next; Yanukovych will either embrace the loss of a few seats in Parliament, or continue to cause further isolation from the EU. Hopefully there will be no more unjust treatment in Ukraine, and the Euro 2012 Football Championships can continue!

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