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Domestic Politics- Topics

These are generalizations about party policies. Not every politician from one of the two parties will necessarily agree with these platforms.


Democrats: For the most part, Democrats favor a more Keynesian economic policy. Higher taxing, with more government spending is viewed as better. In the opinion of Democrats, jobs and stimulus needs to come from somewhere, and the government is best suited to do so. For this reason, inflationary policy is generally favored. Additionally, Democrats believe that government spending should cover all areas. Ranging from healthcare, to education, to public works, government spending is the only true way to kickstart an economy, argue Democrats. With this government spending should also come a more equal system of wealth distribution.

Republicans: Republicans, on the other hand take the stance of a more laissez-faire system. Government ought to simply step out more and let business be the true job creators and economic simulators. Many Republicans would argue that lower taxes will put more money in the hands of businesses who can then spend it to create jobs. Republicans are generally against government involvement in economics and would rather let professionals work it out.

Foreign Policy

In foreign policy especially, polarization of policy has been increasingly minimal. Bleeding of foreign policy between the parties is very common.

Democrats: Generally, Democrats believe that when dealing with foreign policy, multilateralism is a must. In short, the US must be a large player in all issues of foreign policy. They must be a big actor on the international stage. Also, this involvement must only take the form of military action as a last-ditch effort. All diplomatic, economic and political forms of intervention must be exhausted first.

Republicans: Republicans believe that foreign policy is more about forming a few key alliances and maintaining those alliances. While more peaceful means of intervention should be tried, military involvement is generally thought of quicker.

Social Issues

Democrats: Often, but not always, Democrats are more liberal about social issues. Policy issues which Democrats are often in favor of include gay marriage, affirmative action, pro-choice, gun control, strong separation of church and state, education and availability of contraception, and looser drug laws.

Republicans: Often, but not always, Republicans are more conservative about social issues. Policy issues which Republicans are often in favor of include traditional marriage, pro-life, loose gun control, tight drug laws, and looser separation of church and state.

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  • On July 2, 2012 at 5:46 am Didic said

    I’m a Democrat who never saw Barack Obama as a Messiah because like him I alaerdy have one. I am a Democrat who realizes Barack Obama is facing a combination of problems the likes of which no president has faced before because the Brooklyn neighborhood where I live has had to deal with the realities of these problems since Reagan.I’m a Democrat who recognizes Barack Obama has made the right if not popular decisions because I remember it was a horse-trading Texan, not a millionaire from Boston, MA who got the Civil Rights Act through Congress.I’m a Democrat who knows how mean Republicans can be because I know when they’re talking about taking America back they’re talking about taking it back to a day when people who look like me had to step in the street when people who look like them walked by. I also know how mean Democrats can be because I watched how the party establishment treated Barack Obama before he became inevitable.I’m a Democrat who finds Barack Obama’s positive thinking a Godsend because I have long tired of the Democrats’ eight long years of whining about the Bush Administration while the majority of them decided to imitate their Republican counterparts.The glass half full syndrome is not peculiar to Democrats. It is part of the American psyche which is conditioned to believe it is normal to want what it wants when it wants it.I don’t think the White House thinks I’m stupid because for once the White House has someone who has experienced some of my reality first hand. I think it is those who see America solely from the vantage point of White male privilege (a point of view not only held by Whites or males) be they on the right or the left who think the Democrats are in trouble for any of the five reasons listed above.If and I do mean if the Democrats (now read Democratic Party) are in trouble it’s because they didn’t see what Barack Obama’s win really was: a chance to finally say welcome to the Fannie Lou Hamers of society as well as those of us in the party who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. But they couldn’t and they didn’t and that’s the trouble.Rev. Anna Taylor Sweringen


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