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22.37 Tyler Miksanek

True… and with that, we are done here. Stop by tomorrow (night) for an in-depth coverage of what is next in the primary season.

22.28 Matthew Dudak

How Ohio will work is there are 48 delegates that are allocated depending on Congressional districts. Of these 48, it will be split fairly evenly but Santorum may still have a good position because of how Romney has only small concentrations of counties. Then there are 15 that are split proportionally according to state-wide turn out. So ultimately, Santorum and Romney will likely come out of Ohio with similar delegate counts.


22.27 Tyler Miksanek

However, from looking at the precincts that have yet to report in Ohio, I am ready to hand this to Mr. Romney. And because I like to sleep, I am willing to check Alaska results in the morning. That wraps things up here… any final words?

22.22 Tyler Miksanek

No matter what… Santorum has definitely outperformed Huckabee (2008) in terms of conservative candidates who received a boost in Iowa.

22.21 Tyler Miksanek

This could be a stay-up-late one… “Iowa II, The Revenge of the Midwest”

22.20 Matthew Dudak

Interesting Robert, I missed that one.

22.18 Robert Lampros

What about Medina County, close to cleaveland but has no precincts reporting yet. Is there something I’m missing?


22.18 Matthew Dudak

Once again Romney is maintaining his lead of 3000 votes, but Santorum is catching up. In Ohio, like Michigan, Romney is getting most of his support from the voters 65 and up.

22.14 Matthew Dudak

One of the main counties left is Cuyahoga County, which is big because it hosts Cleveland. It only has 60% reporting, but as it is urban, it will likely go to Romney as it is swinging towards currently. The final precincts of this county will likely bring up the number of precincts reporting and draw this primary to a close.

22.11 Matthew Dudak

Romney is now sitting with a comfortable 6000 vote lead, but with 14% yet to report. Santorum’s numbers are slowly inching back up.

22.06 Tyler Miksanek

Romney takes the lead in Ohio!

22.04 Tyler Miksanek

Alright, folks… We have wrapped up here and are simply waiting for results from Ohio. We will be sure to inform you of the progress. Santorum still maintains a lead as of now.

21.58 Tyler Miksanek

Ohio will determine the ‘winner’ of the night, but what could have potentially been a blow-out for Romney failed.

21.57 Matthew Dudak

Still only about a 2000 vote margin between Santorum and Romney, with 14% precincts to come.

21.53 Tyler Miksanek

More updates on Ohio to come… eagerly watching results.


21.48 Sam Niiro

And so we leave you in the hands of Tyler and Matthew, with Ohio too close to call. Good night!

21.47 Matthew Dudak

Ultimately does this 3,000 vote difference in Ohio matter. It will probably just be the difference on one or two delegates and will not matter that much.

21.46 Claire Bratzel

I am also departing. Goodbye, everybody!


21.44 Tyler Miksanek

Romney is within 3,000 votes. He could pull ahead.

21.44 Bradley Disbrow

Though the delegate race is still Romney’s, Santorum will come out of tonight with significant momentum with an Ohio win (although his lead is only down to 2000!) and will be a force to reckon with all the way through to Tampa. Thanks again to Rantaweek for hosting us, and good night.

21.43 Robert Lampros

OK, I will be signing off now. I apologize for the obvious lack of snark and sarcasm that will follow in the wake of my leave.

21.43 Matthew Dudak

Romney has 2,210 votes in Idaho. And that is 78%.

21.41 Matthew Dudak

Still 6000 vote difference in Ohio.

21.41 Robert Lampros

Do we care about another Iowa thing in Ohio?

21.40 Tyler Miksanek

That is true… but a win in Ohio would look good for the press.

21.40 Noah Baird

Could we have another Iowa type situation in Ohio?

21.40 Bradley Disbrow

Going way back to Robert’s delegate numbers…Romney’s lead seems to be maintaining strength there as well. I’m not sure that Santorum can close that gap with close contests like the last couple weeks.

21.39 Robert Lampros

Ohio is proportional, their delegate counts might as well be secured

21.36 Bradley Disbrow

Santorum’s lead is thinning – now only to 7000 votes.

21.35 Tyler Miksanek

Ohio may be one of those stay-up late states. But Romney is closing in.

21.33 Matthew Dudak

Sam that is true, but I think Wisconsin has started to become increasingly conservative, while Ohio has remained somewhat moderate.

21.33 Noah Baird

One is an outlier, two is a coinsidence, three is a pattern.

21.33 Sam Niiro

Whoops. I mean Santorum is well in the lead in Wisconsin.

21.32 Bradley Disbrow

Santorum leading by 1 percentage point, 12000 votes in Ohio with 75% of precincts reporting.

21.32 Sam Niiro

Well, he did already win Wisconsin, which isn’t particularly known for its staunch Evangelical Christianity last time I checked.


21.31 Robert Lampros

I cannot see moderate republicans supporting Santorum. It is well known that more extreme members of the parties are the ones who participate in the primaries/caucus’. If Santorum enters the general race, he will quickly drop in the polls as the more moderate republicans start dropping off from underneath him.

21.30 Matthew Dudak

I think that winning Ohio shows that he can be viable. Winning a state that is not incredibly evangelical or conservative like Ohio shows that he does have a chance.

21.29 Claire Bratzel

Robbie, that was beautiful. By then I hope the flavor will be one, unified Americone Dream.

21.29 Bradley Disbrow

It depends. I think there are a few Southern and Western states left for him to carry, so I believe he could take it to Tampa.

21.29 Tyler Miksanek

I think so. Santorum has shown that he is adamant about going all the way to the convention. As long as the possibility of a brokered convention remains… Santorum will stay in. And as long as Santorum continues to win states, he will continue to receive votes and fund-raising.

21.29 Noah Baird

Robert: Do you think that if he wins the nomination that the people who are voting for him right now will stop supporting him or that Republicans won’t support him?

21.29 Sam Niiro

Santorum: falling through the cracks.

21.28 Robert Lampros

Sam, the flavor of the month will melt by Tampa and he will fall through the cracks of his poorly formulated policies

21.28 Sam Niiro

Now that Ohio is starting to solidify, let’s chat: if Santorum wins Ohio, can he remain viable until Tampa?

21.27 Robert Lampros

Nobody will support a Santorum ticket past the primaries far enough to actually put him in the White House

21.27 Bradley Disbrow

I don’t know if Santorum and Romney can resolve the fact that they tore each other apart in the primary to become running mates.

21.26 Tyler Miksanek

Romney has natural moderate support. Santorum would need to pick a moderate VP. Wait Romney’s a moderate! Oh, a Santorum-Romney ticket! That would be interesting.

21.26 Noah Baird

How does either cannidate plan on catering towards moderates if they win the nomination?

21.25 Ned Lauber

It’s okay.

And Romney has a 9 vote lead in Wyoming. Intense.

21.23 Sam Niiro

Sorry for ruining your closing comments, Ned.

21.23 Claire Bratzel

Bye Ned!

21.23 Ned Lauber

And…Sam beat me to it.

21.23 Tyler Miksanek

Do we think that Santorum will be able to maintain his lead in Ohio?

21.23 Matthew Dudak

Yeah, I think that a better turn out should have been expected from Romney.

21.22 Ned Lauber

538 commenter says Operation Hilarity could give Ohio to Santorum.

Signing off.

21.22 Bradley Disbrow

If you think about it, it’s not too hard to believe. Ohio has traditionally been a manufacturing/rust belt state – it is largely composed of working class populations among which Santorum has broad appeal.

21.22 Sam Niiro

Apparently 5% of Ohio voters were Democratic. 538 says it was probably worth about a 1-2% bump for Santorum.


21.21 Robert Lampros

I’m disappointed in Mittens tonight if I do say

21.20 Sam Niiro

I’m really surprised Santorum is holding on so well in Ohio.

21.20 Ned Lauber

1 vote for Buddy Roemer in Idaho. Awesome.

And how has Gingrich gotten more delegates today than Santorum?

21.19 Robert Lampros

Numerically how much can these elections bring Santorum to the RNC with enough votes for the nomination?

21.19 Robert Lampros

Just an overall update in the general primary race,

According to CNN:

Updated delegate count: Romney 288, Santorum 106, Gingrich 73, Paul 52. Magic number is 1144

21.18 Bradley Disbrow

As an update, Santorum is holding steady with about a 13000 vote lead in Ohio.

21.18 Matthew Dudak

And Alaska.

21.17 Noah Baird

Just a joke. I do trust the guy to play by the rules of American politics. In response to the Ron Paul comment, at this point in the year with substantually less press than the other cannidates, I dont think he’ll be able to be able to take any states outright.

21.17 Matthew Dudak

I am guessing no, but there might have been a chance that he would have gotten a great plains state. So far we are just waiting for Ohio and Idaho.

21.17 Claire Bratzel

Noah. Explain, please.

21.17 Robert Lampros

But he did do fairly well in Virginia

21.16 Sam Niiro

No, Matthew. And that should shock no one.

21.15 Matthew Dudak

Do we see Ron Paul win any states today?

21.14 Robert Lampros

Noah are you insinuating foul play?

21.14 Tyler Miksanek

Are you accusing Santorum of stuffing ballot boxes?

21.13 Noah Baird

Santorum took a page from the book of the United Russia Party, that’s how he’s winning Ohio.

21.12 Matthew Dudak

So was TPaw!

21.12 Tyler Miksanek

Rick Perry actually had massive fund-raising at one point.

21.12 Robert Lampros

So was Herman Cain

21.11 Bradley Disbrow

Yeah…Rick Perry was a thing at one point.

21.11 Claire Bratzel

…FOR NOW, Bradley.

21.10 Sam Niiro

You say that, Bradley, but you’d be surprised at how willing people are to donate to lost causes.

21.10 Bradley Disbrow

The only March Momentum that Gingrich has is further and further out of the race. A weak showing today means no money for him this month and potentially ever.

21.09 Robert Lampros

Noah: Does Romney have any kids?

Tyler: Yeah he has five!

Bradley: I didn’t know they made robots that could reproduce

21.09 Sam Niiro

“The Most Boring Romney” is a pretty tough competition, to be fair.

21.08 Bradley Disbrow

And Santorum takes North Dakota, with…3000 votes.

21.07 Sam Niiro

According to Twitter, Gingrich is now launching a March Momentum Money Bomb. I don’t think he’s planning on leaving any time soon.

21.07 Robert Lampros

depends on the state noah

21.07 Ned Lauber

The thing is, Cincinnati and Cleveland have the most people and the greatest margin for Romney, and as they continue to report, the gap will close even further.

21.07 Robert Lampros

Ann Romney- The most boring Romney!

21.07 Noah Baird

Who has the better chance of attracting swing state voters?

21.06 Robert Lampros

Nervous isn’t really the correct word here. Infuriated is much better

21.04 Bradley Disbrow

Yeah, Romney will definitely carry the urban areas, so Cincinatti shouldn’t be too big of a problem for him. Also, Ann Romney? Really?

21.04 Matthew Dudak

With 59% reporting, Santorum has a 2% lead.

21.04 Sam Niiro

And Santorum is still leading in Ohio. Feeling nervous yet, Robert?

21.04 Tyler Miksanek

It is a bad smear on Santorum’s campaign that he couldn’t get on the ballot in Virginia. I wonder how he would have fared.

21.03 Ned Lauber

And on Twitter, the only primary related thing trending is Ann Romney. Interesting.

21.02 Sam Niiro

Romney Santorum Gingrich Paul
Alaska 0%
Ga. 77%
Idaho 0%
Mass. 81%
N.D. 39%
Ohio 47%
Okla. 78%
Tenn. 64%
Vt. 57%
Va. 99%
Wyo. 4%

21.01 Ned Lauber

Looks like Cincinnati will determine whether or not Romney has enough votes to get over the top…

21.01 Tyler Miksanek

Agreed… RantAWeek does not necessarily condone the comments posted by our Live Bloggers.

21.00 Noah Baird

2% margin in Ohio with Santorum still in the lead.

21.00 Matthew Dudak

RantAWeek does not officially support the opinions of Robert Lampros in regards to the attractiveness of others.

21.00 Claire Bratzel

You go, Julia. And WOW, Robbie. Neville actually turned out to be pretty attractive so…

21.00 Bradley Disbrow

Returning to real things, Santorum’s lead has thinned to 12500 votes, but is still holding.

21.00 Robert Lampros

Also I stole that comment from Samuel Niiro

20.59 Tyler Miksanek

Speaking of fashion… notice the lapel… FLAG PIN.

20.59 Sam Niiro

Lampros you thieving jerk.


20.59 Robert Lampros

Why are there so many Neville Longbottoms behind Romney?

20.59 Matthew Dudak

Julia Nusgart: “If I were Mitt Romney, I would hire attractive people to stand behind me to look good.”

20.58 Bradley Disbrow

Also, President Obama wore a red tie at the State of the Union. Rantaweek, everyone: where politics and fashion meet.

20.58 Robert Lampros

Sam: Wha…? (says the American voting population)

20.57 Ned Lauber

Sam: So hipsters already do? Oh wait, college students…

Claire: But adorably crazy…

Bradley: A way for independents to vote against Santorum, also.

20.57 Noah Baird

Along the lines of ties, presidental cannidates typically wear the opposite party’s color in ties during debates. I especially noticed this durring the Obama McCain debates in 08.

20.57 Sam Niiro

Alternately, with his survival-of-the-fittest economics, he may be too Nietzsche.

20.56 Bradley Disbrow

Ned – I can’t say that Ron Paul will serve as anything more than a way for independents to not vote for Romney.

20.56 Matthew Dudak

He looks better in a red tie than in blue though.

20.56 Claire Bratzel

Ned: Nope, still a crazy old man.

20.55 Sam Niiro

No one will ever take Ron Paul seriously. He’s too niche.

20.55 Sam Niiro

Also, a blue tie? New question: Is Romney a secret Democratic double-agent?

20.55 Ned Lauber

If Paul finishes a strong second in North Dakota, Vermont, and Alaska or Idaho (with the possibility of winning either of the latter two), will that give his detractors more reason to take him seriously?

20.55 Tyler Miksanek

Returning from the 19th century and re-entering the 21st… Romney has narrowed the gap to 2% in Ohio.

20.54 Noah Baird

Ladies and gentlemen: I have arrived. And Romney’s tie still isn’t straight.

20.54 Sam Niiro

Take that, Britain. Also, Robert: Whig.


20.54 Claire Bratzel

Actually Tyler, he uses liquid platinum.

20.53 Robert Lampros

The new Whig party!

20.53 Bradley Disbrow


20.53 Matthew Dudak

I’ll go in half with you Robert.

20.53 Tyler Miksanek

Robert… you wouldn’t be able to afford his hair. He uses crushed diamonds to give it its polish.

20.53 Robert Lampros

Who would buy a Romney wig? Sound off!

20.52 Sam Niiro

Courtesy of 538

Romney Santorum Gingrich Paul
Alaska 0%
Ga. 73%
Idaho 0%
Mass. 73%
N.D. 14%
Ohio 37%
Okla. 75%
Tenn. 56%
Vt. 55%
Va. 99%
Wyo. 4%

20.52 Robert Lampros

If Romney needs money, I would buy his hair at an auction…

20.50 Tyler Miksanek

It increasingly seems that Super Tuesday will not be a ‘win’ for either Romney or Santorum. It seems more like a tie. However, the mere fact that Santorum can achieve this tie says that he is still strong.

20.50 Ned Lauber

Mitt Romney threatened to fire his hair, and it’s staying in place out of fear.

Hello everyone.

20.49 Bradley Disbrow

Just like Romney’s hair, I will predict that Santorum’s lead in Ohio isn’t moving anytime soon.

20.48 Claire Bratzel

Mitt Romney is just so authoritative that he tells his hair not to move and it doesn’t.

20.47 Jonny Behrens

Thanks to everyone! I am signing out for the night, may the best man (or men) win

20.47 Robert Lampros

Because there is unhumane amounts of gel in it that probably costs money

20.47 Claire Bratzel

Yes, I don’t think he will be surpassed at this point in Ohio.

20.47 Matthew Dudak

Man Romney has nice hair. How does it not move?

20.46 Tyler Miksanek

Santorum is leading Ohio by 15,000 votes… will this hold.

20.44 Sam Niiro

Nate Silver just declared Santorum the slight favorite in Ohio. Whoa.

20.44 Robert Lampros

More like an UNinteresting point, amiright??

Honestly though, the wives dont say anything important.

20.44 Bradley Disbrow

They’re trying to portray themselves as family men…when they’re clearly not.

20.43 Tyler Miksanek

Interesting point… both Gingrich and Romney have had their wives speak tonight.

20.42 Claire Bratzel

“Romney, straighten your tie!” -Noah Baird


20.41 Tyler Miksanek

Santorum is currently at 21% in Georgia. If he slips below 20%, he loses all his delegates for the state.

20.39 Tyler Miksanek

Romney and Santorum are currently 4 to 4 as far as winning states is concerned.

20.36 Bradley Disbrow

Yes Robbie, but as of right now Romney’s lead in those counties is quite slim (usually 1-4 percentage points) while Santorum’s leads in the rural counties are rountinely in the double digits.

20.34 Bradley Disbrow

Also, Romney, while he may not be the loser, could come out of tonight severely crippled if he does not take Ohio. For certain, potential donors will lose confidence, and money is everything for Romney at this stage in the game, hobbled as he is with his finances (see Sam’s previous link to 538).

20.34 Robert Lampros

I think Romney has a great chance still in Ohio. The urban areas are already voting heavily Romney as expected but they haven’t submitted many of their precincts yet.

20.31 Jonny Behrens

That kid behind santorum is sooo interested he’s yawning (Noah’s fine observation)

20.31 Bradley Disbrow

Santorum’s lead in Ohio up to about 13000 votes.

20.30 Sam Niiro

No, he’s hardly the loser. He’s just not the winner.

20.30 Tyler Miksanek

If Romney only wins a plurality of votes tonight (which is possible), it will severely hurt his chances of clinching the nomination before the actual convention. Is Romney the loser of the night then?


20.28 Sam Niiro

Ohio is so slow at updating…

20.27 Matthew Dudak

Noah Baird sends his regards, however he is not able to post.

20.25 Matthew Dudak

I think Santorum would show that he is the winner of the night because that might for once show that he is a viable candidate in the general election.

20.25 Jonny Behrens

It will be a great success for him, yet it will not be enough to push him to the forefront in the long term

20.25 Bradley Disbrow

Actually, if he comes out of tonight with Ohio, then I would label him the winner. A perennial battleground state like Ohio will be a key win under his belt going into the convention (because if he wins, this will definitely go to the convention).

20.23 Robert Lampros

Will Santorum ever be a winner? Can anybody like him every be ‘a winner’?

20.22 Tyler Miksanek

If Santorum takes Ohio, is he the winner of the night?

20.21 Bradley Disbrow

Well, don’t look now, but Santorum is leading in North Dakota…with 293 votes.

20.21 Claire Bratzel

Yes, Robbie. It means “similar to Newt Gingrich.”

20.20 Robert Lampros

Is that an actual political term claire?

20.19 Claire Bratzel

I pretty sure Gingrich is actually the newt of the race.

20.18 Robert Lampros

that’s unfortunate

20.18 Tyler Miksanek

Ohio is Santorum’s by 3%.

20.13 Robert Lampros

Quotation from Gingrich, “I’m the tortoise of the GOP presidential field”

20.12 Claire Bratzel

Sorry if we all don’t post for a minute…we are taking a break for some Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream Ice Cream.

20.12 Bradley Disbrow

And Matt, just look at Massachusetts. Romney’s lead there is disgustingly large.

20.12 Tyler Miksanek

I disagree with you, Matt. I say it is 3-3 as of right now. Santorum has Tenn., Ohio, and Okla. Romney has Mass., Vt., and Va.

20.12 Matthew Dudak

Ohio is still too close. I think it will be probably the most important state tonight.

20.11 Bradley Disbrow

Well, looks like Santorum is building a nice little lead in Ohio…about 5300 votes, leading Romney 38-36.

20.11 Sam Niiro

If you want a nice map from 538.

20.10 Matthew Dudak

So it looks like Virginia is the only clear state that is “taken” by any candidate.

20.09 Tyler Miksanek

Don’t know Jonny… Sorry.

20.09 Sam Niiro

Results courtesy of 538.
Romney Santorum Gingrich Paul
Alaska 0%
Ga. 41%
Idaho 0%
Mass. 30%
N.D. 0%
Ohio 11%
Okla. 25%
Tenn. 10%
Vt. 40%
Va. 97%
Wyo. 0%

20.09 Robert Lampros

Time zones

20.09 Jonny Behrens

In the recent post I found Colorado has quite a bit of money spent on TV ads relative to the nation, any comments?

20.08 Bradley Disbrow

Also, Idaho and North Dakota are caucuses…they’ll take longer naturally.

20.07 Sam Niiro

Or time zones, it could be time zones.

20.06 Bradley Disbrow

Yes, Robert, that’s the name of the game.

20.06 Sam Niiro

Are Idaho, Wyoming, and North Dakota caucuses, or are they just slow to report in?

20.05 Robert Lampros

America! Capitalism! Cash Money!

20.05 Bradley Disbrow

So like we said last time, whoever has the most money will ultimately be able to outlast the field and garner the nomination.

20.04 Jonny Behrens

Spending reports


Very interesting spending per state (Ohio as it applies today has quite a bit of money spent…)

20.04 Sam Niiro

If you want to know about fundraising through January, check out this post from everyone’s favorite blog.

20.04 Tyler Miksanek

Santorum takes the lead in Ohio… but the votes still are only 11% in.

20.03 Matthew Dudak

I think Santorum only will do in the south, and very evangelical states, yet the more urban areas and populous areas will go to Romney which matters more.

20.03 Sam Niiro

Stop saying taking when less than 40% of the results are in!

20.02 Robert Lampros

Sam, how were they doing as of then?

20.02 Sam Niiro

Robert: No news on fundraising. FEC reports are still only through 1/31.

20.02 Bradley Disbrow

And Santorum takes Oklahoma.

20.02 Tyler Miksanek

Santorum tied with Romney in Ohio. If Santorum wins, what does it mean for his campaign? Does it ensure that he will survive until the nomination?

20.02 Matthew Dudak

Yet a Romney-Obama debate would be the most intellectual.

20.01 Bradley Disbrow

Well, he has arguably the most colorful personality. At least it’d be interesting. Imagine a Romney-Obama debate – the battle of passiveness.

20.00 Robert Lampros

Speaking of money, how is everyone doing on the fundraising?

20.00 Claire Bratzel

That’s depressing, Bradley…but pretty darn true.

20.00 Sam Niiro

Bradley: He’s just refusing to face the reality that he cannot win this race.

19.59 Bradley Disbrow

Gingrich is just talking for the sake of talking now…he sounds like he’s out of ideas, out of money, and out of motivation.

19.58 Matthew Dudak

Is he really going on drill, baby drill?

19.58 Sam Niiro

I don’t know if Gingrich could actually debate Obama all that well, because Obama stays calm and doesn’t rise to the bait like Gingrich tries to get people to do.

19.58 Robert Lampros

Even if he can hold his own in a debate, his views and history will still cement Obamas win

19.57 Sam Niiro

Drill, Newt, drill!

19.57 Claire Bratzel

Gingrich just said “deliciously incoherent.” What?

19.57 Bradley Disbrow

I will give Gingrich the fact that he is a very tenacious debater, and he actually might be able to hold his own in a debate with President Obama.

19.57 Robert Lampros

Until one dies Claire

19.57 Sam Niiro

State Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum reporting
03/06 VA 40.7% 59.3% 94%
03/06 VT 7.8% 26.2% 39.6% 23.8% 35%
03/06 GA 48.3% 5.9% 22.2% 22.5% 32%
03/06 MA 4.8% 9.4% 72.1% 12.2% 18%
03/06 OK 25.8% 9.7% 27.4% 35.6% 8%
Source: AP

19.56 Claire Bratzel

Who will be the Prime Minister under Putin? Medvedev? Will they just switch places forever and ever?


19.55 Sam Niiro

Which reminds me: congratulations to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Russia’s new President.

19.55 Bradley Disbrow

So to focus on candidates who actually matter, Romney and Santorum are now tied in Ohio, 38-all.

19.55 Robert Lampros

“Lizard! Lizard! Lizard! Lizard! We want our president to be a Lizard!”

19.54 Tyler Miksanek

Sigh… if only our elections were as simple as Russia’s elections.

19.54 Matthew Dudak

I do not see how Gingrich supporters actually want to chant “Newt” at his rally. That just does not seem appealing.

19.53 Robert Lampros

I wish he did

19.53 Claire Bratzel

I think Gingrich will last a few more weeks. He doesn’t seem like a quitter.

19.53 Sam Niiro

Gingrich will not drop out in the foreseeable future. He’s enough of a jerk to not be a quitter.

19.52 Bradley Disbrow

Alliteration completely intentional.

19.52 Sam Niiro

Note: Those results are slightly outdated…

19.52 Matthew Dudak

Gingrich seems very happy and confident right now, but can we see him dropping out tonight or in the next few days or will he wait?

19.52 Robert Lampros

Not enough people have actually reported in Ohio for us to care right now.

19.51 Sam Niiro

Source: AP.

19.51 Sam Niiro

State Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum reporting
03/06 VA 41.2% 58.8% 85%
03/06 VT 7.7% 26.2% 39.7% 24.0% 30%
03/06 GA 48.4% 5.7% 22.0% 22.8% 26%
03/06 MA 4.4% 8.9% 73.2% 12.1% 8%
03/06 OH 14.5% 7.0% 40.2% 36.9% 2%

19.51 Bradley Disbrow

Ohio has gotten much closer – Romney is holding a small lead of 38-37, but Santorum is surging.

19.51 Tyler Miksanek

Ohio is once again the tossup it was supposed to be. Romney only leads by 1%.

19.50 Claire Bratzel

I think Pawlenty is a little too “wishy-washy” to be VP.

19.49 Robert Lampros

(Gingrich with Trump reference)

19.49 Robert Lampros

is he extremely proud of himself?

19.49 Matthew Dudak

Oh TPaw! I actually think he may not be too bad of a choice for VP actually.

19.49 Sam Niiro

If only T-Paw’d been in the right election: the race to be the earnest older brother in a Disney movie (best Economist comment ever? Possibly).

19.49 Matthew Dudak

Newt Gingrich just gave a Donald Trump joke in his speech.

19.49 Claire Bratzel

I miss Tim Pawlenty. He was so clever. Didn’t he coin “Obamneycare”?

19.48 Tyler Miksanek

I think you are undervaluing the ‘youth’ vote. Ron Paul literally dominated the 18-29 voter block, even though he was nowhere close to winning the state.

19.48 Robert Lampros

Aww, T-Paw

19.48 Claire Bratzel

Yes, Bradley. I also talked to a few college students in Michigan who voted for Romney just so Santorum and Gingrich wouldn’t have national platforms anymore.

19.48 Sam Niiro

Gingrich just referenced Tim Pawlenty! Remember him?

19.47 Claire Bratzel

I agree, Sam. And since Michigan was an open primary I think it wasn’t actually very accurate. I think several college students (“youts”) who voted for Paul “just because.”


19.47 Bradley Disbrow

I think for college students who are usually more independent/liberal and who generally dislike the political discourse in Washington, Romney is the best choice because right now his views are the most centrist of the field.

19.47 Jonny Behrens

How about Newt, if Paul falls out will Newt end his campaign near the same time?

19.47 Robert Lampros

by college kids I’m referring to the Paul voters

19.46 Sam Niiro

Also, Paul never stops running. He went in 2008 basically up until McCain clinched.

19.46 Robert Lampros

Where would the college kids flock? Is there a clear choice for them?

19.46 Tyler Miksanek

I disagree with your assertion that Ron Paul is irrelevant. The ~10% of the vote he receives would greatly benefit Santorum if he were to drop out… which won’t happen though.


19.46 Matthew Dudak

I wonder what ever happened to Buddy Roemer. I miss that guy.

19.46 Sam Niiro

Yeah, but the effect of Paul dropping out completely pales in comparison to Gingrich dropping.

19.45 Claire Bratzel

Nice “My Cousin Vinny” reference, Robert.


19.45 Matthew Dudak

Well in some cases, one candidate garnering Paul’s support could swing the election, one way or another, like in Michigan.

19.44 Robert Lampros

Claire the PC term is ‘youts’

19.44 Sam Niiro

Yeah, Ron Paul is pretty much irrelevant. He’s adorable and old, though, so he gets points for that.


19.44 Jonny Behrens

Matt I can see what you mean. Yet if future econ stats improve (projected to) I feel Obama will be able to appeal to the moderate republicans.

19.44 Claire Bratzel

How much impact is Ron Paul really even having? The mainstream media kind of ignores him and nobody really seems to care. I don’t think he even carries enough of the youngin’ vote to make a difference for Romney, Santorum or Gingrich if Paul ever drops out.


19.44 Sam Niiro

Yeah, it says he hasn’t lived in his birthstate in years but has lived in Massachusetts since he was in college.

19.43 Robert Lampros

Does it mean anything that Romney was able to win by a huge margin in MA but could hardly hold his own birthstate?

19.43 Bradley Disbrow

Yeah, Ron Paul will stay around for quite a while, especially with strong showings in the Northeast.

19.42 Jonny Behrens

Matt, I feel Ron Paul will stay in till late.

19.42 Matthew Dudak

Jonny, I think most Republicans are simply too afraid of another Obama turn to risk the infighting.

19.41 Bradley Disbrow

Yeah, but Santorum is leading in Tennessee by a LOT (45-28). This shows Romney’s real weakness among Southern/evangelical conservatives, which still comprise a large part of the Republican electorate. If he can’t carry his own party in November…well…

19.41 Tyler Miksanek

And even when Paul dropped out in 2008, people wanted him to run as an Independent.

19.41 Jonny Behrens

When a candidate is chosen I feel it may be difficult for avid supporters (of those who lost) to back the general republican nominee with all the current infighting. But do you think there will be enough unity for them to go against Obama with a strong race?

19.41 Sam Niiro

Of note: Romney is currently doing well in Ohio, but note that many of the voting areas reporting in are urban. Santorum will do well in less urban areas, and as a result I think we should expect to see a tighter race as this goes on.

19.40 Robert Lampros

I may not be surprised but that doesn’t mean anyone needs to be happy about his success.

19.40 Matthew Dudak

Bradley, but when will Ron Paul drop out? If the 2008 election is any indication, he will not drop out until late in the election.

19.39 Sam Niiro

Santorum was already projected to win, and really, is anyone surprised? Romney is the GOP version of a snobbish New England liberal, a substantial part of the nation can’t stand him.

19.39 Tyler Miksanek

Santorum wins Tennessee easily. Robert Lampros sacrifices his journalistic integrity to lampoon Santorum.

19.38 Bradley Disbrow

And Santorum takes Tennessee.

19.38 Robert Lampros

Santorum was just projected to win Tennessee by CNN. NOOOOO!

19.37 Bradley Disbrow

It will be interesting to see how much of the independent, libertarian, young vote Mitt Romney picks up when Ron Paul is gone. Also, it’s necessary to see what demographics voted for Romney and Paul in Virginia, as it will give us an insight into each candidate’s electability. Anyone have some stats on that?

19.37 Sam Niiro

Source: AP.

19.36 Robert Lampros

Anyways! Back to the political blogosphere…

19.36 Sam Niiro

State Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum reporting
03/06 VA 41.0% 59.0% 75%
03/06 VT 7.8% 27.0% 38.7% 24.1% 19%
03/06 GA 47.2% 5.2% 22.7% 24.1% 10%
03/06 MA 5.0% 10.1% 66.9% 15.4% <1%
03/06 OH 15.1% 6.5% 39.6% 37.3% <1%

19.36 Jonny Behrens

You have my vote (but before I go to the poll, I need some reassurance, money/promised position doesn’t hurt)

19.36 Robert Lampros

Well…that sounds about right

19.36 Matthew Dudak

I think unless Gingrich gets any more states than Georgia, he will drop out.

19.36 Tyler Miksanek

So back to Gingrich… will he be dropping out?

19.35 Sam Niiro

Lampros offends liberals, Miksanek offends conservatives…it’s the perfect unelectable slate!

19.35 Tyler Miksanek

And I will accept that VP nomination.

19.35 Robert Lampros

That would be the best campaign.

19.35 Tyler Miksanek

I don’t understand why Gingrich is staying in… Do you think he will drop out after tonight?


19.35 Claire Bratzel

Robbie you are so wise. LAMPROS/MIKSANEK 2012!

19.34 Matthew Dudak

Will Romney be able to do well in the south in a general election, or will many southern voters simply not bother if Romney gets the nomination?

19.34 Bradley Disbrow

Tyler: “Gingrich has rallies now?”

Bradley: “It’s ok, they’re composed entirely of divorced men.”

19.34 Sam Niiro

No, this doesn’t make Paul any more viable, but I think it shows that a sizable portion of the Republican electorate does not like Romney enough that they’ll vote for Ron Paul instead.

19.34 Jonny Behrens

Paul has many hurdles to get past though

19.33 Robert Lampros

Tyler, your lack of simple understanding perturbs me.

19.32 Matthew Dudak

But the only reason that Paul did well in Virginia is because neither Santorum nor Gingrich were on the ballot. Are people able to see Paul as a more likable candidate now?

19.32 Bradley Disbrow

Well, Ohio is swinging Romney’s way, but other states like Oklahoma and Tennessee are going for Santorum. As far as the delegate count, depending on how well he carries in southern states, Romney might not increase his lead, which will only serve to prolong the race.

19.32 Sam Niiro

A clear Romney victory in Ohio swings momentum back to his side. A minor Romney win in Ohio makes it look like he can’t quite hold the Midwest, and wouldn’t be immune to spin from the other candidate.

19.32 Tyler Miksanek

Robert Lampros… your depth of political analysis astounds me.

19.31 Matthew Dudak

I think Romney’s victory in Ohio means a lot. If he is able to win this, it is clear that he has popularity in a state that is one of the most important in the general election. However, Romney’s position as a viable general election candidate has never been contested.

19.31 Sam Niiro

Surprisingly strong showing from Ron Paul in Virginia. I mean, no one expected him to win and it doesn’t matter, but he was not polling that well yesterday.

19.31 Robert Lampros

well Tyler it means he gets the delegates from that state

19.30 Tyler Miksanek

Especially considering he had to outspend Rick Santorum outrageously in order to win…

19.29 Tyler Miksanek

Ohio seems to be tilting Romney. What does a win in this swing state mean for him?

19.26 Sam Niiro

That was always a major reason that people flocked to Romney. He doesn’t exactly have personal charisma.


19.26 Robert Lampros

I blame the economy

19.26 Bradley Disbrow

Well, ultimately Eric Cantor is very politcally savvy, being the House majority leader. He is going to throw his support behind a winner, and Romney currently holds that status more than anyone else in the race.

19.25 Matthew Dudak

I think some people are starting to think in general that people are starting to like Romney for the sole reason that they do not want to envision another Obama White House.

19.24 Robert Lampros

Who’s Eric Cantor? (says the voting public)


19.24 Sam Niiro

Eric Cantor’s endorsement just seems like a very clear message from the GOP establishment: “Vote for this man if you want us to have a chance of winning this election.”

19.24 Matthew Dudak

Palin just voted in Alaska. I wonder who she voted for?

19.23 Bradley Disbrow

Well, seeing as Mrs. Palin wishes for the “GOP nomination process to continue,” this could be a long night. Then again, who listens to her anymore?

19.23 Jonny Behrens

Does anyone believe that Eric Cantor’s recent endorsement will aid Romney’s campaign?

19.22 Matthew Dudak

I think that Georgia was expected and does not indicate any sort of revival of Gingrich’s campaign. He still has lost all of the excitement surrounding him. I think most of his supporters would simply vote for Santorum.

19.21 Robert Lampros

Sam, hopefully 0%

19.21 Robert Lampros

Jonny, I dont know what’s going to happen but I can tell you that I really hope that all we find out tonight is Santorum shouldn’t be a candidate and Gingrich should have already dropped out.


19.21 Sam Niiro

Odds of Sarah Palin winning Alaska caucus?

19.20 Sam Niiro

Interesting article over on 538 recently (with regards to Romney/majority). Romney is on the majority “track”, as Nate Silver puts it.

19.18 Tyler Miksanek

Romney will win the plurality of delegates. The question is whether or not he can win a majority.

19.18 Bradley Disbrow

I don’t believe that a Georgia win qualifies Gingrich’s campaign as “alive”…it is his home state, and he should be expected to win it. I suppose the fact that he is projected to win will probably keep him in the race, but he is barely hanging on.

19.18 Jonny Behrens

What are everyone’s predictions for tonight? (i feel that Romney will get a large majority)

19.18 Sam Niiro

Gingrich will never stop running, if only to spite the other candidates.

19.17 Tyler Miksanek

Or will he at least continue to run?

19.16 Bradley Disbrow

For a quick results update, CNN projects Romney to win three states: Virginia, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Gingrich is projected to carry his home state of Georgia.

19.16 Tyler Miksanek

Alright, Georgia has gone to Gingrich… does this keep his campaign alive?

19.16 Matthew Dudak

Hello everybody, thank you for joining us today.

19.15 Robert Lampros

Hello everybody.

19.15 Bradley Disbrow

Good evening everyone, and thank you again to Rantaweek for hosting this blog.

19.15 Jonny Behrens

Hi this is jonny b

19.14 Sam Niiro

Evening all! I hope we’re all ready to find out that Romney is the inevitable nominee.

19.08 Tyler Miksanek

An interesting note for Georgia: Romney needs 20% of the vote to get ANY delegates, and he is currently hovering just above that.

19.01 Tyler Miksanek

Well, even though we saw a lead in the exit polls for Romney, Santorum seems to be off to an early lead in Ohio. A win in Ohio means his campaign still has strength.

19.00 Tyler Miksanek

Alright… welcome to the RantAWeek Super Tuesday Live Blog. We are excited to begin our coverage for the biggest single day of the primaries. Reminder… times given are Central.

18.39 Tyler Miksanek

And also in preliminary news… Mitt Romney has a lead in the exit polls for the crucial state of Ohio. The other hotly contested state will be Tennessee, but more on that later.

18.16 Matthew Dudak

Before our full coverage even started, Newt Gingrich unsurprisingly won Georgia. We will analyze this later on tonight.


01.00 Tyler Miksanek

The live blog will begin at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time (that is 7:00 P.M. Central). We hope to see you all there, and thanks for supporting us!


  • On March 6, 2012 at 7:40 pm Jake Nelson said

    I think Paul runs as a third party candidate in the end so Romney still loses the youth vote.


    • On March 6, 2012 at 8:58 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      Paul said in ’08 that he wouldn’t run as an Independent. I don’t see why he would this time.


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    • On March 6, 2012 at 9:15 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      Thank you….


      • On March 6, 2012 at 9:24 pm Tara =) said

        Welcome haha you guys are hilarious just fyi. But replacing NYTs is seriously something in this house I live in, so congrats =) Oh and the Fermilab techs really dig this XD


      • On March 6, 2012 at 10:42 pm Matthew Dudak said

        Thanks Tara! And I am glad that Fermilab people enjoy it!


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