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October 3rd Presidential Debate

21.44 Tyler Miksanek

Alrighty, that seems to be that for tonight. We will post an in-depth analysis of the debate tomorrow. Thanks for joining us here at the RantAWeek liveblog, and thanks to our panelists for joining us. We hope to see you again next Thursday for the VP debate. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook!

21.43 Robert Lampros

I may not have watched the debate but I would like to take this moment to say that no media that calls itself news should be using a twitter poll for anything. I know they pointed out that it was not scientific however that won’t be enough to prevent people from taking numbers from that as fact. I’m a Romney supporter at this point in time and yes it helped him to present him as the winner but I just hate news organizations using poor sampling and then presenting it.

21.43 Bradley Disbrow

Agreed, Mr. Baird. And with that, I bid you all and the blogosphere good night! Thanks again to RantAWeek for hosting and inviting guest commentators…I look forward to the next one!

21.41 Angela Yang

I was just thinking that.

21.41 Julia Nusgart

For everyone watching CNN, not a fan of the pink tie.

21.40 Noah Baird

If this debate did anything, it gave the Romney campaign hope.

21.40 Tyler Miksanek

It was nice to hear from you though. Robbie Lampros, everyone!

21.39 Julia Nusgart

Hello and goodby Mr. Lampros.

21.39 Angela Yang

Yeah, Romney lucked out!

21.38 Robert Lampros

Hello everyone, I seem to have entered this debate way to late so I’m not allowed to have opinions on this topic. Goodbye everyone.

21.37 Tyler Miksanek

What’s also interesting is what was not said. Obama did not bring up some of the easy attacks that he could have. Bain Capital is a little trite at this point, but I was expecting some small aside to the 47% comment.

21.37 Matthew Dudak

Despite rather poor moderation, this debate ended up being a very close one. Romney came out with more passion and humanity than was to be expected. He also came out, guns blazing, with a very aggressive volley over taxes. Yet after the volley over the deficit, Romney began to fall apart a bit. Obama meanwhile came out a bit weak in that initial volley, but start to warm up. Obama had a strong focus on essentially focusing on investing in the future. Obama also had a lot of flubs which is somewhat rare for him. Yet, in terms of pure rhetoric, Romney had a slight edge. Much of this is because Obama has had 4 years to establish his views, while Romney has had very little of his actual stances made clear. Romney certainly needed this debate more than Obama, but Obama did effective enough that will not cause him to slip much. Romney may receive a slight bounce, but it will not be anything very substantial. Overall, a very good, civil debate.

21.36 Bradley Disbrow

This was certainly not a highlight-reel-worthy debate, but I think that’s what we need. Reasonable, no-nonsense argument. I do think Romney comes out with a slight edge mainly because he has found his “second wind.” Also, it was unfortunate that he did not get as much time to speak as Obama did. Ah well. Well done to both candidates. The Republicans ought to be very happy, and I think the Democrats have to be a little disappointed.

21.36 Tyler Miksanek

Well stated, Noah. If this is a wash, the tie goes to the favorite. And that favorite is, right now, most certainly Obama.

21.36 Angela Yang

Well played.

21.36 Julia Nusgart

I would like to add Michelle Obama looks extremly classy tonight. I love her outfit.

21.35 Angela Yang

I love Michelle Obama’s blue suit!

21.35 Saumya Jain

I’d say this one goes to Romney..he was definitely more aggressive, especially in highlighting errors made during Obama’s term..Obama was forced on the defensive, and his responses were generally based on arguments that he’s been making since day one. Obama projected more personality, but Romney’s aggression was effective.

21.34 Noah Baird

Closing opinions:

Romney sugar coated his policies well to make them appeal to independent voters. I feel like there still is concern with the practicality of his spin of his facts.

Obama had a more practical side, using touching stories and harder facts to support his side. I did feel like Romney had him on the defensive in some of his positions.

Overall. Both sides performed well, I don’t believe this changes much if anything.


21.34 Angela Yang

For the part that I watched, Obama did a good job of seeming more sympathetic towards voters with all of his personal examples. He also pointed out Romney’s vagueness. But I do agree that Romney was more aggressive and therefore won this debate.

21.33 Julia Nusgart

I think Romney has made good points and was able to seem more like a person than he has perivously. However, I still think he is not very gracious and seems arrogant in a bad way.

21.33 Tyler Miksanek

As to who won the debate… I think Romney may have won a slight edge on the rhetoric. However, that’s mostly because his campaign has poorly argued its stances so far. Romney’s good explanations seemed better because we haven’t heard his positions explained that well up until this point. And yet, Obama debated at a very high level as well. Ultimately, Romney needed a big bounce from this and I don’t think he did well enough to merit one. There were no defining moments that will hurt Obama.

21.31 Bradley Disbrow

Amen, Abhishek. Amen.

21.31 Bradley Disbrow

I think that while this debate will not decide the election, Romney looked markedly stronger and more tenacious and passionate here than he has in the past, while Obama has been slacking a little. He does have his good stories, but he didn’t really hit his points home like I think Romney did.

21.30 Abhishek Nigam

I think Romney definitely emerged the victor today; he was on the attack, and Obama wasn’t able to come up with great rebuttals. Obama also dodged lots of the questions.


The obvious loser: Jim Lehrer.

21.29 Matthew Dudak

Immediately after closing statements are done, I ask all of our panelists please stick around and state who they think won and why.

21.29 Noah Baird

Obama did a very good job bringing in the Republican primary, reminding independents to look to that time.

21.28 Matthew Dudak

More storytime with Obama.

21.28 Bradley Disbrow

I agree with Obama – for the most part, this was a wholly civil debate.

21.28 Tyler Miksanek

Candidates are on closing statements. What are all of your closing opinions?

21.27 Matthew Dudak

Obama does a good job at pointing out the fact that Romney has very little details in what he is going to do.

21.27 Julia Nusgart

Notice how Romney said when I am president, not if I am elected. More agression?

21.27 Bradley Disbrow

*with the other side.

21.27 Bradley Disbrow

Good job Romney for talking about your experience with bipartisanship. Ouch, also, saying we need “leadership in Washington who will bring people together.” Good one. Obama’s response doesn’t quite measure up – he will passively accept ideas, where Romney said he would actively sit down.

21.26 Matthew Dudak

Nice, snide remark from Obama.

21.26 Tyler Miksanek

Republicans and Democrats do both love America, Mr. Romney. Thanks for pointing that out.

21.25 Matthew Dudak

Romney’s answer about bi-partisanship is very well crafted.

21.25 Noah Baird

Thank you for discussing Congress issues.

21.24 Julia Nusgart

Valid point Mr. Dudak.

21.23 Matthew Dudak

I think Lehrer may just be letting Obama talk more because Romney dissed PBS.

21.22 Bradley Disbrow

Tyler, thanks for bringing that up. This has been a horribly structured debate. I want the little blinking lights on the podium!

21.22 Matthew Dudak

“Entitled to your own airplane, your own house, but not your own facts.” Good line, Mr. Romney.

21.22 Tyler Miksanek

Obama is now at 5 minutes more of speaking time than Romney.

21.22 Bradley Disbrow

We should decide winners by applause vote.

21.21 Matthew Dudak

Both candidates talk at the same time. I think this could be an interesting debate style. See who can talk louder and decide the winner that way.

21.20 Noah Baird

“Budgets reflect Choices”

Great line.

21.20 Bradley Disbrow

Matt, a Republican making an appeal to religious tolerance and freedom is a huge step forward. He really is trying to go to the center, in however small a way.

21.20 Matthew Dudak

Ms. Yang, those words are the Constitution I believe.

21.20 Tyler Miksanek

Obama has used the ‘budgets reflect choices’ line multiple times tonight.

21.19 Julia Nusgart

Is that passion, he only looks slightly upset?

21.19 Matthew Dudak

Lehrer once again going back to differences.

21.18 Angela Yang

What are the words in the background? It’s all blurry on what I’m watching.

21.18 Saumya Jain

Some serious intensity from Romney..he’s had a problem coming off as a human being, but it looks like he is getting passionate about issues.

21.18 Matthew Dudak

Interesting that Romney keeps on bringing up food stamps and those in poverty. I guess he is trying to play to the low class, one that is almost never conservative.

21.18 Julia Nusgart

Romney please don’t bring God into this.

21.18 Bradley Disbrow

Good for Romney, invoking the Declaration and Constitution. Boss. Kudos to both of them, in fact.

21.17 Matthew Dudak

Um, Romney, I don’t think we all agree that we are children of the same god.

21.17 Abhishek Nigam

I don’t think Romney should’ve played the religion card; it doesn’t fit here.

21.17 Tyler Miksanek

Saumya, you’re right. But Romney just misquoted the Declaration of Independence.

21.15 Matthew Dudak

Obama goes back to his argument of investment in the future. Using Lincoln as a historical guide is a good move too.

21.15 Noah Baird

Romney = Constitution

Obama = Lincoln


Good play gentlemen.

21.14 Angela Yang

Obama’s getting all sentimental!

21.13 Saumya Jain

Romney played the constitution card! A good mention of states’ rights..

21.13 Bradley Disbrow

Alright, role of government, political philosophy, here we go.

21.13 Noah Baird

Romney just had a very well worded response.

21.13 Angela Yang

Yes, Nusgart. Yes.

21.12 Julia Nusgart

I think instead of Romneycare it should be Mittenscare.

21.12 Matthew Dudak

Romney, do you like Bowles-Simpson or not? I cannot really gauge it.

21.12 Bradley Disbrow

If anyone is watching CNN, it’s interesting to see how Coloradan male voters have gone completely sour whenever Obama starts talking, and pick back up to the positive side when Romney is talking.

21.12 Tyler Miksanek

“Make up a number” -Romney

Never a good basis for economic decisions.

21.11 Tyler Miksanek

Jim Lehrer – once again cut off by one of the candidates.

21.11 Angela Yang

Ooooh Obama is pointing out all of the faults in Romney’s arguments. Look at Romney’s face!

21.11 Julia Nusgart

Mr. Dudak, Romney’s robot bretheren got rid of him for a reason.

21.10 Bradley Disbrow

Yes, a Senator from Kentucky. Crazy, right? Too bad Obama didn’t wait for bipartisan support.

21.10 Tyler Miksanek

Obama has hit his microphone multiple times now. His hand motions may be working against him.

21.08 Tyler Miksanek

Romney himself, as a governor, could be described as a moderate. During his campaign, he has seemingly been pulled right. However, I think he has espoused many moderate positions tonight.

21.08 Matthew Dudak

Also, what was that strange noise in the background? Was it Romney’s robot brethren coming back for him?

21.08 Bradley Disbrow

Ned, Romney is not responsible for the actions of the House, especially when at that time, he wasn’t the leader of the Republican Party and Obamacare was politically divisive (it still is). Obama’s ramming through of Obamacare with one Republican vote is still horribly politically distasteful.

21.08 Noah Baird

Just because a government mandate isn’t necessary right now doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea or that it will not be needed in the future.

21.07 Matthew Dudak

Obama bringing up best practices is good, by making it seem like his plan has support from professionals.

21.07 Tyler Miksanek

I disagree. Romney made a fine example of his experience with passing his ‘Romneycare’ in Massachusetts.

21.07 Julia Nusgart

Hello Ms. Yang.

21.05 Angela Yang

Yeah, especially with Obama’s personal story.


21.04 Matthew Dudak

Since the Supreme Court ruling about Obamacare, I think it has been on the rise to the general populace. This makes much of Romney’s argument unappealing.

21.03 Saumya Jain

Romney’s push for a bipartisan solution is interesting..given that this has consistently been Obama’s platform

21.03 Tyler Miksanek

Romney has made a good argument against Obamacare, but I’m not sure how while it will be received by the general populace.

21.02 Noah Baird

Romney is complaining about Obama not having bipartisan support?

21.02 Bradley Disbrow

Romney won that volley – appeals to bipartisanship always trump political attacks.

21.02 Saumya Jain

Healthcare has been an achille’s heel for Romney…especially when Obama keeps bringing up similarities to his own healthcare reform.

21.01 Matthew Dudak

Obamacare has certainly been a high point of Obama’s administration. A very strong point for him.

21.01 Noah Baird

Obama has been pushing his time limits. More than often.

21.01 Tyler Miksanek

“I had five seconds before you interrupted me.” – Obama

Not all that likable of a statement. But the audience did laugh.

21.00 Julia Nusgart

Well Mr. Baird, I feel Romney is sending the wrong nonverbal message.

21.00 Tyler Miksanek

Obama is speaking his defense of Obamacare right to the American people. I think that’s a wise move.

21.00 Noah Baird

Ms. Nusgart, my response is not appropriate for the academic caliber of this news source.

20.59 Tyler Miksanek

Bradley, those two qualifications took us 6 months of primaries to sort out. Don’t take them lightly.


20.58 Bradley Disbrow

I’m glad Romney 1) has lists and 2) can complete them.

20.58 Tyler Miksanek

We’re at the two-thirds point here. My opinion is that both candidates have done very well. However, Romney needed a big boost from this debate and I don’t see that happening.

20.58 Noah Baird

Obama has a slight linguistic advantage when talking about health care.

Romney states he wants to appeal Affordable Care (Act). It sounds slightly more negative that it is intended.

20.57 Julia Nusgart

Mr. Baird, how do you feel about Romney’s flag pin being larger than Obama’s? It is really annoying me.

20.57 Matthew Dudak

Tyler, I think Lehrer’s technique is very smart. Most people understand the basics of each side, finding the contrast is important.

20.56 Abhishek Nigam

The healthcare topic just came up; it’s generally been bad for Romney. Let’s see if he can deal with it well tonight.

20.56 Matthew Dudak

Ah, Romney is finally able to counter Obama storytime.

20.56 Tyler Miksanek

Jim Lehrer likes to find ‘differences’.

20.56 Bradley Disbrow

Back to healthcare? I think we’re repeating ourselves a little…


20.55 Noah Baird

I do believe that Romney is trying to appeal to independents. His VP pick was his hat tip to the hardcore economic side, now he’s trying to hit the middle.


Also, Romney has never. I repeat. Never. has had a straight tie knot.

20.55 Bradley Disbrow

Ok. I’m sorry, but Obama just hit 3 minutes over Romney with that last speech. Lehrer needs to do a little better if this debate is meant to be equal.

20.53 Tyler Miksanek

“Repeal and Replace” has been a Romney slogan. But the specifics of ‘replace’ are lacking.

20.53 Noah Baird

This is my opinion that follows.

I don’t believe that government needs to necessarily offer a better product than the private section. The government should provide an option that is better than nothing. But if people can afford a better product, they can purchase it. I just believe that the government should provide something that is affordable and better than nothing.

Just me spit balling here.

20.53 Julia Nusgart

Has Romney forgotten who he is supposed to be arguing with?


20.53 Bradley Disbrow

Did Romney just say you have to have regulation? Actually, I think he is genuinely trying to relate to independents.

20.53 Angela Yang

Obama keeps smiling creepily when Romney is talking…


20.52 Bradley Disbrow

Yes, Romney, I operate a bank out of my garage. You are crushing my entrepreneurship.

20.52 Tyler Miksanek

Romney’s case for regulation: a plea for undecided and independent voters?

20.51 Matthew Dudak

Unfortunately, we are having trouble with the auto-refreshing. Sorry to all our viewers. For now, please just refresh regularly. It will be fixed before the next debate.

20.51 Bradley Disbrow

Will debate time be equalized in the end? Also, listen to the moderator, dear God, both of you listen to poor old Jim Lehrer!!!!!!

20.50 Julia Nusgart

Oh ladies, you are both pretty. No need to talk over each other.

20.50 Tyler Miksanek

Julia, I think you’re right. This whole Social Security/ Medicare thing is awfully in-depth policy wise.

20.49 Abhishek Nigam

Obama isn’t standing straight…It’s bothering me.

20.48 Bradley Disbrow

Wait, wasn’t prescription drugs for seniors a Bush thing? Also, Romney is dodging the healthcare question. Granted, Lehrer is trying to put words in his mouth, but even so…both are simply opposing the other.

20.48 Tyler Miksanek

Way to not answer the voucher question Romney. Jim asked you twice, and you dodged the question twice.

20.47 Tyler Miksanek

Obama’s speaking time is now considerably longer than Romney’s over the total course of the debate.

20.47 Julia Nusgart

Even though Romney is having a solid debate, he is losing the likable vote. For many Americans, the debate is a little hard to follow, because they do not spend all their free time reading up on econ policies. His constant smirking and arguing with the moderator is just not appealing. Also the larger flag tie still annoys me.

20.46 Abhishek Nigam

The grandmother example was good the first time; he can’t keep repeating it.

20.46 Bradley Disbrow

What does that say about him? Neither of them is looking at the cameras…perhaps Romney is trying to show strength in confrontation and Obama is not rising to the challenge. Basic animal instincts, people.

20.46 Matthew Dudak

Ned, thanks, we are currently working on improving it.

20.45 Tyler Miksanek

Does anyone else notice that Romney looks at Obama while speaking but Obama does not look at Romney?

20.44 Bradley Disbrow

Good for Romney to say that he is protecting entitlements, and talking to young people about how to reform them for the future. Also getting his jabs in at Obama. Romney is having a solid debate.

20.44 Matthew Dudak

It is interesting that Romney continues to bring that 6bn number back up despite all the flak they got for that after the RNC. Is it just because it sounds nice?

20.43 Julia Nusgart

Romney, I’m confused. If I am sixty or older should I still be listening or no?

20.43 Matthew Dudak

So you just thought of one? I feel like that shows a bit of lack of preparation.

20.43 Angela Yang

Hi guys! What’d I miss so far?

20.43 Tyler Miksanek

Obama said you don’t need a major structural change to keep Social Security around for the future. Many would disagree with that.

20.41 Bradley Disbrow

Storytime from Obama. Well played, because Romney doesn’t have stories like this, and because most of the audience (me included) has not followed the preceding heavy policy debate.

20.41 Julia Nusgart

I like how Obama can bring such a personal story and work it in to economics and his argument.

20.41 Noah Baird

Is social security structurally sound? My gut tells me no, however I am not well versed in this subject.

20.39 Abhishek Nigam

Obama seems to be skipping around topics; he needs to focus on one thing and make his point clear.

20.38 Noah Baird

Romney makes an interesting point with green energy vs. oil tax breaks. I am not complacently convinced it is a valid analogy though.

20.38 Matthew Dudak

Does your friend have a corporate jet he is getting tax breaks on, Romney?

20.38 Bradley Disbrow

Obama is really starting to warm up – he’s beginning to relate more to his viewers and the middle class. He’s more in his element and it shows. Also, he keeps interrupting Romney. That needs to stop.

20.38 Saumya Jain

Obama tactfully steers the debate toward education..an area where he holds a clear advantage, and one that is a major concern for many voters.

20.37 Matthew Dudak

Romney started very strong, but in this latest volley, Romney is starting to fall apart.

20.37 Bradley Disbrow

Good tagline from Obama – “budgets reflect choices.” Great rallying line.


20.36 Bradley Disbrow

Welcome, Mr. Baird!

20.36 Matthew Dudak

Obama is very effectively countering and defending where he wants to raise taxes. Considering that Romney is seen as a part of the demographic Obama is talking about taxing, many viewers may make this connection. Good move.

20.36 Bradley Disbrow

Matt, there are plenty of examples on both sides of the argument. Romney picked one for his side, and Obama will probably use one later too.

20.35 Julia Nusgart

Hello Noah!

20.35 Bradley Disbrow

Good job Romney on letting Lehrer moderate. Also, he only slightly wormed himself out of the stance that he will not change revenue. Romney is starting to weaken.

20.34 Noah Baird

20.34 Noah Baird

Hello Everyone, this is Noah Baird, coming to you live from the Snyder lounge at the University of Illinois.

20.34 Abhishek Nigam

The comparison to Spain by Romney was perfectly timed…

20.34 Matthew Dudak

Spain is one example. Have you looked at Sweeden, Norway or others, Romney?

20.34 Saumya Jain

Romney is hammering the fact that Obama has been disappointing in his performance with the deficit..

20.33 Noah Baird

Testing, Testing

20.32 Bradley Disbrow

Agreed, Nusgart. Agreed.

20.32 Tyler Miksanek

I think Romney just said debt in place of deficit. Econ teachers around the world are angry.

20.32 Bradley Disbrow

Lehrer got him. Romney needs to stand up for Simpson-Bowles. And you cannot interrupt, Obama!

20.32 Matthew Dudak

Now Romney is starting to sidestep supporting Simpson-Bowles. Interesting turn of his discussion.

20.31 Julia Nusgart

Well Bradley, I guess it is a good thing that kids cannot vote.

20.31 Bradley Disbrow

I don’t enjoy how not spending money is viewed as saving money.

20.30 Abhishek Nigam

Romney looks like he’s about to cry.

20.30 Matthew Dudak

Obama is doing very well at breaking down his plan to cut the deficit in a plain, easy to understand manner.

20.29 Bradley Disbrow

Romney, do you really want to open up the PBS can of worms? I think he is making better points about the economy, but he has to be aware of the popular culture he is destroying and the children’s dreams he is crushing.

20.29 Matthew Dudak

Obama basically implying now that tax cuts and defense spending doesn’t pass his test. This is subtle, but very good.

20.29 Saumya Jain

I like PBS too..

20.28 Tyler Miksanek

Romney just told Jim Lehrer that he likes him. But talking about cutting subsidies to PBS in front of a PBS anchor is just kind of insensitive, don’t you think?

20.28 Julia Nusgart

“I love big bird, I actually like you to,” oh Mitt, what are we going to do with you.

20.28 Matthew Dudak

My issue with Romney’s test is who determines if it is worth it or not? Is defense worth it?

20.27 Tyler Miksanek

Jim Lehrer has let the candidates take control of the debate. They have regularly gone over time.

20.27 Matthew Dudak

A lot of debt is immoral? Walk me through this one Romney.

20.26 Bradley Disbrow

It is a little risky to bring up Bowles-Simpson, mainly because it was so unpopular on both sides of the aisle, mainly because it appealed to common sense.

20.26 Abhishek Nigam

Romney saying his plan is nothing like anyone has tried before probably wasn’t a great idea. Americans want to see something that has worked before, not something that they aren’t sure about.

20.25 Bradley Disbrow

Romney, buddy. You can’t really just ignore the moderator. It’s rude.

20.24 Tyler Miksanek

I agree Bradley, Bowles-Simpson is such a magic word. But with Ryan, who has stated his opposition to parts of Bowles-Simpson, on the ticket, is it dangerous for Romney to bring up?

20.24 Saumya Jain

“You may want to move on to another topic”..Obama avoiding Romney’s jab about taxes/jobs

20.23 Tyler Miksanek

Obama has stuck to his 5 trillion dollar value for Romney’s tax cut, even though Romney has refuted that statement. Interesting…

20.23 Matthew Dudak

Interesting that Romney brings up Bowles-Simpson despite the fact that Ryan, his running mate, was against it.

20.23 Bradley Disbrow

Ooooooohhh, Bowles-Simpson. Romney said it. The magic word.

20.23 Tyler Miksanek

This debate so far has proven that statistics can say opposite things. Both candidates are using dueling statistics to make opposing points.

20.22 Matthew Dudak

Romney simply doesn’t want to let this go. Interesting strategy, but he does seem to be doing well in this part, so I don’t blame him.

20.21 Julia Nusgart

Romney really needs to stop arguing with the moderator.

20.20 Saumya Jain

Obama raises an interesting point…Romney will have to broaden the tax base somehow to pay for deductions..

20.20 Bradley Disbrow

Romney’s aggression, though, is at least markedly different from his usually timid, gaffe-prone self.

20.20 Tyler Miksanek

Both candidates have decided to use ‘math’. Politicians everywhere else are scrambling to understand this magic.

20.20 Matthew Dudak

After Clinton’s great DNC speech, making 1 reference to that speech and now a reference to the man himself is a good move on Obama’s part.

20.19 Matthew Dudak

Obama is actually struggling a bit simply because Romney is being so terribly aggressive. Yet his aggression is also slightly off-putting.

20.18 Bradley Disbrow

Romney seems to me to be extremely well prepared – Obama seems to be repeating his campaign commercials.

20.17 Julia Nusgart

I think Romney made another joke….

20.17 Matthew Dudak

Romney is interrupting the moderator. This may look bad to people who aren’t actually paying attention to policies.

20.17 Tyler Miksanek

“the average person making 3 million bucks” -Obama

That could be taken out of context quite easily…

20.16 Abhishek Nigam

Unlike usual, Obama seems to be defensive today. Romney seems to have taken heed to the advice that he needs to be aggressive.

20.16 Tyler Miksanek

Romney has this strange smile while listening to Obama speak. He also has puppy dog eyes.

20.15 Matthew Dudak

After Romney brought up Obama’s record for the past 4 years, Obama comes back with talking about the highlights of his past 4 years.

20.14 Saumya Jain

Obama took a lot of flak over the Keystone Pipeline…mentioning it was a good move.

20.14 Tyler Miksanek

Romney’s description of his tax cut doesn’t really match the definition of a tax cut.

20.13 Julia Nusgart

Also, fashion faux pas, Romney’s flag pin is larger than Obama’s. That looks a little pretentious.

20.13 Matthew Dudak

Obama has so far focused on direct investment; more money on education, energy, etc. Romney, meanwhile is focusing on getting business started again. This is so far a very predictable debate. Aside from Romney accusing Obama of trickle down.

20.12 Julia Nusgart

Wasn’t Romney supposed to have a question?

20.12 Tyler Miksanek

Romney is doing very well in his rebuttal. Obama’s economy of the last four years does have many disappointing statistics, and Romney is successfully pointing them out.

20.09 Julia Nusgart

Hello everyone!

20.09 Tyler Miksanek

Did Romney just accuse Obama of running a trickle down government? I think so.

20.08 Matthew Dudak

Romney comes back swinging with the usual call for small business, So far, nothing too new between what the two candidates are saying.

20.06 Matthew Dudak

Romney making a joke? This is new.

20.05 Matthew Dudak

Unsurpsingly, Obama has begun by stating his jobs record. Creating 5 million jobs and recreating the auto industry.

20.05 Bradley Disbrow

Both candidates appear well-groomed and have straight ties. Good work men.

20.05 Matthew Dudak

Obama starts by thanking his wife for 20 years of marriage.

20.04 Matthew Dudak

First question is about how to create jobs. Obama will start with a 2 minute point.

20.03 Tyler Miksanek

First impression: Romney’s tie is better than Obama’s.

20.03 Matthew Dudak

Welcoming to the stage, President Obama and Governor Romney.

20.02 Matthew Dudak

Moderator Jim Lehrer is beginning his opening comments.

20.01 Matthew Dudak

Getting ready for the big event. Just minutes away!

20.00 Bradley Disbrow

The lovely analysts on CNN say that the candidates should be “nervous” and “competent” and that being the President of the United States is “a big job.” Thank you, mass media.

19.58 Bradley Disbrow

Hello all! Thanks again to RantAWeek for inviting us, and I look forward to a very interesting debate!

19.52 Tyler Miksanek

Apparently Ann Romney won a coin toss and will be brought to the stage to introduce her husband first. Should she have deferred until the second half?

19.45 Tyler Miksanek

Welcome to the liveblog for the first presidential debate of 2012! Questions will be answered… and dodged! My predictions going into tonight stand as such… Romney is coming off a rocky few weeks. His now-infamous 47% gaffe preceded a period in which Romney often withdrew from the public spotlight in order to work on debate prep. The travails of the Romney campaign have been beneficial for Obama, who has received an increased lead in the polls. Due to this lead, Obama’s goal tonight will be to play it safe. Romney, as the current underdog, will face increased pressure to go on the offensive in order to regain some momentum for his beleaguered campaign.

16.25 Matthew Dudak

Welcome to the October 3rd Presidential Debate liveblog, here on RantAWeek. The debate will pit Barack Obama against Mitt Romney on domestic policy. Our coverage will begin at 8:00pm Central Time (9 Eastern) as the debate begins!


  • On October 3, 2012 at 8:04 pm Betsy Dudak said

    I like Obama’s tie.


  • On October 3, 2012 at 8:26 pm Trevor Scholtens said

    This is a bit off topic, but here is a picture I found of Gary Johnson crowd surfing: http://i.imgur.com/hK5SL.jpg I think Tyler would enjoy this.


    • On October 3, 2012 at 9:47 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      Oh, I enjoy this. Ability to crowdsurf should be mandatory for any president.


  • On October 3, 2012 at 9:38 pm Jack Coutre said

    I actually read all the live feed! very amusing had a great time.


    • On October 3, 2012 at 9:49 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      Glad to hear. Thanks!


  • On October 3, 2012 at 10:11 pm Tara said

    Forgot I could comment… haha good analysis guys! It was entertaining to check in on what you guys were saying while I watched. Obama was so not in form tonight though, so that was disappointing. Just another day in the political arena… nothing is set in stone until election day (and sometimes after that! =) ~Tara~

    P.S. Tyler you get the award for most amusing panelist =P


    • On October 3, 2012 at 10:23 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      I humbly accept.


    • On April 1, 2013 at 6:09 pm Anonymous said

      that should go to Robert Lampros…


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