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October 22nd Presidential Debate Liveblog

21.37 Matthew Dudak

And with that, we thank our wonderful panelists for once again providing great insight into the debate. We also thank all of you for watching our liveblog of this final Presidential debate. It has been a good run liveblogging these debates. We will have a full, in depth analysis of the debate tomorrow and we hope you join us for the liveblog we will be hosting on election night!

21.36 Noah Baird

Goodnight gentlemen.

It has been an honor and a privilege.

21.36 Tyler Miksanek

Well put, Mr. Disbrow. As much as we made fun of the boring level- we have some pretty sensible foreign policies on the table.

21.35 Matthew Dudak

The winner here is no one. Neither candidate came out with very good, clear foreign policy. Continual reference to domestic policy did not help either. We recognize that the economy is what is truly important in the election, but much of what was said was simply a regurgitation of the constant stump speeches by the candidates. There was a moment at the beginning that all seemed hopeful, and that there would be actual issues debated. But it all went downhill from there. Additionally, with not a single mention of the Eurozone, I am rather disappointed in Schieffer.

21.34 Julia Nusgart

Fashion wise (I did not see enough of the debate to judge on anything other than apperance, an important form of nonverbal communication), it was a draw. Both ties became crooked, Romney’s was too shiny and distracting, while Obama’s was too youthful for a President. Come on, he isn’t Paul Ryan.

Probably would not have watched this except well, live bloging is fun.

21.34 Sam Niiro

Closing comments:

Awful, boring, disappointing. No major gaffes, no major changes, nothing of note to absolutely anyone.

21.33 Angela Yang

Romney’s closing statement sounds like a poem!

21.33 Bradley Disbrow

Quite honestly, tonight’s winners are the voters. For the most part, both candidates laid out policies that are constructive as to advancing a good image and building strong relationships abroad, and actually debated really well. Also, both of the candidates genuinely want peace (no troops, more diplomacy) and have shown that they genuinely care about our foreign and domestic strength. This debate actually has made me feel optimistic, and I think both candidates did an equally excellent job. Also these closing statements are very eloquent.

21.33 Tyler Miksanek

“This nation is the hope of the earth” – Okay Romney, way to ‘city on a hill’ us out.

21.32 Noah Baird

Closing Statements:

This was pretty much pointless. This just reaffirmed everything that both candidates have been saying.

The beginning had a hope to be very lively, but it simmered down once it became focused on domestic issues.

As to who won – both and neither.

Obama pointed out some flaws in Romney’s credibility, but Romney posed himself as someone who could lead the country despite little foreign leadership.

However, neither got the other one to trip up, which was the only way to come ahead in this debate.


Overall, I should have been doing my World Music homework.


21.31 Tyler Miksanek

Honestly, no one is a winner here. Neither candidate really impressed me. But as Sam pointed out earlier, this is all about Ohio. And no change in polls helps Obama.

21.31 Angela Yang

Somehow, closing statements are mostly about domestic issues, even though this is a foreign policy debate…

21.30 Tyler Miksanek

That’s weird. These closing comments are about foreign policy. The debate sure wasn’t.

21.30 Bradley Disbrow

Also, Romney creeper laugh definitely registered a spike on the CNN ticker.

21.30 Matthew Dudak

As the candidates make their closing comments, we invite all of our panelists to also make their closing comments. Please pick a winner and make any other comments.

21.29 Julia Nusgart

Ms. Yang both of thier ties are not very “Presidential”.

21.29 Tyler Miksanek

4 years from now, Mr. Disbrow.

21.29 Matthew Dudak

“I think we all love teachers.” Thanks Schieffer.

21.29 Bradley Disbrow

We should have made buzzword bingo for these debates. It would be more fun.

21.28 Matthew Dudak

Goodnight Mr. Lampros. Thanks for joining us.

21.28 Angela Yang

Ms. Nusgart, Obama’s tie is the one becoming crooked!

21.28 Robert Lampros

Speaking of its rather late, I have to go. Good luck with the rest of the debate everyone. Hopefully they will be more interesting in the rehearsed closing comments.

21.28 Noah Baird


21.27 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Niiro, I am glad we are on the same page here.

21.27 Julia Nusgart

Wait, Wait… Romney’s tie is becoming crooked!

21.27 Sam Niiro

Dudak, when Romney kept saying “You’re wrong”, I heard “Iran” and was very confused.

21.27 Robert Lampros

I would like to say that Romney handled the interruptions very well

21.26 Tyler Miksanek

“People will look it up.” – Or not. It’s rather late.

21.26 Matthew Dudak

Also, it definitely just sounded like Obama said “I am not Iran” instead of “I am not wrong.”

21.26 Matthew Dudak

“I’m still speaking.” Or are you, Mr. Romney? Maybe its all just an illusion.


You know the point to which this debate has gotten when this is what pops into my head.

21.26 Angela Yang

hahaha I love it when Romney is on a roll. Obama tries cutting in, but Romney just keeps talking!

21.26 Noah Baird

I came to that conclusion yes.

More domestic.

21.25 Robert Lampros

Obama is the interrupter here…just pointing it out…

21.24 Julia Nusgart

Unfortunately that is why they invite me here. To provide the average American’s perspective…. :(

21.24 Robert Lampros

Noah, it would be hard, you’d have to override the failsafe

21.24 Noah Baird

This debate has slowed down.

I just considered the logistics in microwaving my head.

21.24 Matthew Dudak

Okay, I can let them talking about domestic econ a bit slide… For now.

21.23 Robert Lampros

Julia Nusgart, voting by pure appearance. America everyone

21.23 Noah Baird

Currencies are advantageous because of QE, a FED policy.

21.23 Robert Lampros

Mittens seems amused with Obama right now…I wonder what hes about to pull out of his sleeve…

21.22 Julia Nusgart

I am not feeling Romney’s hair tonight. It is over greased.

21.21 Noah Baird

Two nerd show references within three posts! Good job team.

21.20 Sam Niiro

Did Romney just suggest that we sell more goods to China than they do to us and then turn around and acknowledge our massive trade deficit with them in the same sentence?

21.20 Robert Lampros

A cylon trade war? or a silent trade war? I hope its the first!

21.20 Matthew Dudak

“We sell them about this much stuff each year. And they sell us about this much stuff each year.” Cannot actually use numbers, Romney?

21.19 Noah Baird

I think that being allies with china would be great. Earth that was would prosper until it was used up. Then the gorram reavers would ruin every thing.

21.19 Sam Niiro

Applying punitive tariffs to China? Mm, Mitt, you know I love it when you get all “trade war” on me.

21.19 Sam Niiro

21.19 Bradley Disbrow

“If I’m president, America will be very strong.” Well done, Romney.

21.18 Bradley Disbrow

Interesting that both candidates are nominally open to partnering with China. Also a step forward in foreign policy.

21.17 Matthew Dudak

“A nuclear Iran. Let’s talk about China.” A bit jumpy, Romney.

21.17 Tyler Miksanek

Obama goes back to domestic education. Really? I’m beginning to think the politicians we lampoon don’t listen to us at all.

21.16 Sam Niiro

All this China debate is about Ohio. Don’t forget that.

21.16 Noah Baird

Agree with Angela

Due to the trade gap.

21.16 Tyler Miksanek

Schieffer is asking too vague of questions to receive direct answers, in my opinion.

21.15 Angela Yang

It’s mostly economic.

21.15 Matthew Dudak

China isn’t really much of a security threat… Like at all.

21.15 Angela Yang

There are about 15 minutes left in the debate and we just got off the subject of the Middle East. Finally!!

21.13 Sam Niiro

Oh, so both sides support the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to terrorize civilian populations, perform extrajudicial killings of American citizens, and violate the sovereignty of other nations? Thank God, I was afraid for a second that someone might say something reasonable about drones for once.

21.13 Matthew Dudak

Obama keeps on coming back to a line about treating women with the respect they need in the Middle East. Interesting?

21.13 Bradley Disbrow

Surprising that Romney didn’t bring up the drone strike on an American citizen. Missed opportunity, because that was slightly embarrassing for Obama.

21.11 Bradley Disbrow

Matt, I heard that too. A gaffe, however minor. Although, I suppose the other branches of the government for all intents and purposes do not exist (the judiciary, for example. Who cares?)

21.11 Matthew Dudak

Ooh drone question. I mean interesting, but I would still rather have some Eurozone.

21.11 Tyler Miksanek

Did Romney just confuse Afghanistan and Pakistan?

21.11 Sam Niiro

The Onion accurately sums up the content of our liveblog.

21.10 Noah Baird

As a Keynesian, I’m a fan of spending it.

But in this case I tend to agree with you Bradley. But that is another debate for another time.

21.10 Robert Lampros

Yeah Ty I was wondering about that one too

21.10 Matthew Dudak

The ISI is one of the three branches of government in Pakistan? Huh?

21.09 Tyler Miksanek


21.09 Bradley Disbrow

Mainly because it isn’t really there.

21.09 Tyler Miksanek

Well put, Mr. Disbrow.

21.08 Bradley Disbrow

I would not prefer to take the money we’re spending on wars and put it to domestic policy. I would prefer not to spend that money at all.

21.08 Tyler Miksanek

Obama goes back to domestic economy/ issues. And this is an important question about national security.

21.08 Robert Lampros

The questions are based around what the general public wants. The public is looking for answers to the wars that are taking their friends and family, not quite as much for if Greece has money despite its importance.

21.08 Matthew Dudak

“There is no reason Americans should die when Afghans are capable of defending their own countries.” I feel like this statement by Obama could be taken the wrong way.

21.07 Bradley Disbrow

Wow, the Eurozone! There’s something I haven’t heard about in a while…

21.07 Noah Baird

I agree with Tyler.

These debates always gloss over economic foreign policy. It is something that is an important point of our country.

21.06 Angela Yang

Yes, I agree!

21.06 Tyler Miksanek

However, Romney does answer the Afghanistan/Pakistan question well.

21.05 Tyler Miksanek

We only have a half hour left and have spent the entire time in the Middle East or on domestic policy. We should at least touch on the Eurozone debt crisis.

21.05 Bradley Disbrow

The hair. Hands down.

21.05 Robert Lampros

Noah, that could be the most interesting debate question yet this evening. Also hair

21.04 Bradley Disbrow

Obama was specifically talking about Romney’s opinions from “a few years ago.” I do agree that he’s changed here recently a lot. But we can’t judge him on his opinions of even four years ago. The world has changed in that time.

21.04 Noah Baird

If Romney was elected, which one of his features would political cartoonists exaggerated?

21.04 Angela Yang

It seems like Obama gets more speaking time in all of the debates.

21.04 Matthew Dudak

Obama brings up the fact that Biden often has different opinions about foreign policy.

21.04 Robert Lampros


opinions change.

21.03 Angela Yang

Awww! That was such a touching story, Obama.

21.02 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Disbrow, you mean how Romney has changed his positions about a million times?

21.02 Robert Lampros

Dudak, the general public doesn’t care about those topics

21.02 Noah Baird

Agree Bradley

21.02 Tyler Miksanek

Obama goes back to Bin Laden.

21.02 Bradley Disbrow

I really have a problem with Obama criticizing Romney’s opinions from “a few years ago.” A lot of things have changed in a few years.

21.01 Matthew Dudak

Honestly, as much as I love the Middle East, I want to see them discuss something that the candidates are not normally forced to talk about. Something like Latin America or Southeast Asia.

21.00 Bradley Disbrow

Ouch. Romney rejects the hypothetical question. Realpolitik? He does make a good point, though. I do think our relationship with Israel is not that bad.

21.00 Noah Baird

Iran rhymed with bomb.

21.00 Angela Yang

These hypothetical questions are really freaking me out! I DON’T WANT IRAN TO NUKE US!

21.00 Tyler Miksanek

“Let’s not go into hypotheticals” – Romney. Your current presidency is all currently hypothetical. You haven’t been elected yet.

20.59 Matthew Dudak

No Romney, I want to go into this hypothetical! Please let us, please please please!

20.59 Sam Niiro

Unless this debate gets substantially better in its remaining time, the best and most substantive policy debate we will have had this election was between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Ponder that.

20.59 Noah Baird

Actual question: Where has Mitt traveled?

20.58 Bradley Disbrow

Matt: wouldn’t we all?

20.58 Bradley Disbrow

Excellent Israel trip anecdote from Obama.

20.57 Noah Baird

Wait, why is my internet so behind.

20.57 Sam Niiro

“If we’re going to talk about trips that we’ve taken…” This’ll be good.

20.56 Matthew Dudak

I would really like to know what more Romney would have done in Obama’s place for the past four years.

20.56 Noah Baird

Thank you Julia

20.56 Tyler Miksanek

“10,000 Centrifuges Under the Ayatollah”? – Yes Mr. Dudak. Jules Verne is currently the only one actually paying attention to this debate.

20.56 Noah Baird

Angela and Dudak

That has been used by both candidates and their respective VPs

20.55 Julia Nusgart

Hello, sorry for coming in so late. Fashion Update: mixed feelings about the polka dot tie (Barack Obama) and the colors in Romneys tie are too shiny although, IT APPEARS TO HAVE A STRAIGHT KNOT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!

20.55 Matthew Dudak

“10,000 Centrifuges Under the Ayatollah”?

20.55 Angela Yang

“Let me just respond. Nothing governor Romney just said is true.”-Obama. Aggressive!

20.55 Matthew Dudak

“Nothing Governor Romney just said is true.” Sassy Obama.

20.54 Tyler Miksanek

Did Romney just say ’10,000 centrifuges’? ’Cause that should totally be the title of some sci-fi novel.

20.54 Angela Yang

Ms. Nusgart would’ve been so proud if she could join us tonight -Romney’s tie is actually straight!

20.53 Tyler Miksanek

Sorry Romney, but Obama can no longer sit down with Kim Jong-il. And even if he could, it would be a rather one sided conversation.

20.53 Matthew Dudak

Oh right, that was because it was our puppet government.

20.53 Bradley Disbrow

Good point, Yang. It might be to the point where we just have to wait for Ahmadinejad to die.

20.52 Matthew Dudak

The Iranian people did revolt against the government. And yet we didn’t like it.

20.52 Sam Niiro

We are half a step from both sides pulling out a comical looking bomb chart.

20.52 Angela Yang

The US wants Iranian citizens to revolt against the government, but nothing’s happening because the citizens are too oppressed.

20.51 Matthew Dudak

Also, did Schieffer call Obama “Mr. Pres”? If he did, that’s awesome.

20.51 Sam Niiro

“You say you’d do the same things we do but you’d say them louder, and somehow that would make a difference.” – Obama

20.50 Matthew Dudak

I feel like at this point in time, sanctions are just hurting the regular people of Iran, leading to greater American discontent, not actually getting them to end their nuclear programme.

20.50 Bradley Disbrow

Noah: just the one that gets elected, and thus is obviously responsible for all gas prices everywhere, according to the American people.

20.49 Noah Baird

From what I said, tightening sanctions increases oil prices which increases gas.

A problem for both candidates?

20.48 Sam Niiro

Tyler: deal with it.

20.48 Bradley Disbrow

Well, the horses and bayonets thing was OK. When he was explaining what aircraft carriers and submarines were, I think he was a little too belittling.

20.47 Noah Baird

Good ploy of saying how Iran is a threat against everyone, not just Israel.

20.47 Matthew Dudak

What really shapes about half of our Middle East foreign policy.

20.47 Tyler Miksanek

Sam Niiro, first links to tumblr and then cheats on us with the Economist liveblog…

20.46 Robert Lampros

I would love to know how Obama is 100% guaranteeing that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon. And furthermore, why that matters because its not like Romney wants them to have one

20.46 Sam Niiro

Sure, Bradley, but I’m hearing that CNN’s focus groups liked the “horses and bayonet” line (I watch on C-SPAN so I’m just getting this from the Economist liveblog).

20.45 Tyler Miksanek

I never thought I would say this, but… hooray, back to the Middle East!

20.45 Sam Niiro

Oh boy! Israel! Who can kowtow to AIPAC faster? Let’s find out!

20.44 Bradley Disbrow

Obama, you don’t need to be condescending. It makes you kind of look like an jerk. Romney knows what our military is composed of.

20.44 Matthew Dudak

“Well Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets.” Obama

20.44 Sam Niiro

Horse and bayonet burn.

20.43 Matthew Dudak

If maintaining the safety of the American people is the number one job of the President, why do you keep bringing everything back to the economy?!

20.43 Robert Lampros

Sam just linked to tumblr.

20.43 Bradley Disbrow

Not Crowley. Raddatz, maybe.

20.43 Sam Niiro


20.42 Tyler Miksanek

Romney went to the Olympics… this is such new information that we need to listen to.

20.42 Matthew Dudak

Crowley/Raddatz 2012!

20.41 Angela Yang

Are they gonna start arguing over math again?

20.41 Matthew Dudak

CNN, what a plebeian way of watching the debate. CSPAN is still the way to go.

20.41 Sam Niiro

Me right now.

20.40 Tyler Miksanek

Obama gets back on track. Thank goodness.

20.40 Bradley Disbrow

I wish the candidates could see the little CNN ticker. They would just stop talking.

20.40 Sam Niiro


20.39 Matthew Dudak

Can we just have Raddatz and Crowley moderate every future debate forever?

20.39 Robert Lampros

The moderator has asked about the economy. He has failed us.

20.39 Sam Niiro

Bob Schieffer, it seems, attended the Jim Lehrer school of debate moderation.

20.38 Matthew Dudak

Schieffer, defense spending is still not foreign policy.

20.38 Angela Yang

Romney’s bragging about Massachussts’ education again.

20.37 Matthew Dudak

Being governor does not mean you have good foreign policy in any way.

20.37 Tyler Miksanek

“Let me get back to foreign policy.” Thanks Bob Schieffer. We needed that.

20.37 Matthew Dudak


20.37 Sam Niiro


20.36 Tyler Miksanek

Don’t worry, Noah. I left to get ice cream.

20.36 Matthew Dudak

Time zones matter in foreign policy?

20.35 Bradley Disbrow


20.35 Robert Lampros

If I hear the words small business again in this debate…so help me…GAH

20.35 Noah Baird

I’m going to buy chips. Call me again when they start debating the subject of this debate.

20.35 Angela Yang

“Latin America is a huge opportunity for us. Time zones, etc.” -Romney

20.34 Tyler Miksanek

“And when it comes to our economy here at home…” Romney, do you understand what the foreign in foreign policy means?

20.34 Matthew Dudak

Ooh ooh ooh, please ask a Latin American foreign policy question Schieffer. You would make my night.

20.34 Noah Baird

Nothing new can be said about home.

Stop talking about it.

20.34 Bradley Disbrow

I want foreign policy right now! When they were talking about that, they were actually debating!

20.34 Robert Lampros

Yep I don’t think we’re going to hear much about actual foreign policy…

20.34 Matthew Dudak

We have heard it all already. Control them Schieffer.

20.34 Sam Niiro

(I mean yes our economy does matter to foreign policy but this is dumb)

20.33 Robert Lampros

“I’ve got a policy for the future” -Mitt Romney

20.33 Sam Niiro


20.33 Bradley Disbrow

Get back to foreign policy, guys. My goodness, enough on the economy.

20.33 Noah Baird

Obama’s suit is blue.


That is all.

20.33 Tyler Miksanek

Don’t hawk your tax plan at a foreign policy debate Obama. It’s not foreign policy.

20.33 Sam Niiro

This debate has depressingly little to do with foreign policy.

20.32 Matthew Dudak

Does anyone else want Shieffer to bring up something most Americans have never heard about, like the South China Sea issue or Myanmar?

20.32 Bradley Disbrow

Poland also probably cares.

20.31 Robert Lampros

Russia cares

20.31 Matthew Dudak

“America remains the one indespensible nation.” Yet another great soundbite from Obama.

20.31 Matthew Dudak

Romney is against us pulling out defense out of Poland? I didn’t think anyone actually cared about that any more…

20.30 Tyler Miksanek

Romney’s point makes sense, but it comes off as pandering to voter interests to me.

20.30 Angela Yang

hahaha Romney somehow finds a way to tie in the economy and military AGAIN.

20.29 Matthew Dudak

Romney goes right back to strengthening our economy. We have already heard it all, sir.

20.29 Bradley Disbrow

The moderator is doing a great job! They managed to come out of that segment with relatively equal time.

20.29 Matthew Dudak

Sheiffer, I like this question. Putting a clear face on the candidates foreign policy as a whole.

20.29 Noah Baird

Great question, moderator sama.

20.29 Angela Yang

oooh what is America’s role in the world??

20.29 Tyler Miksanek

A quick word about Bob Schieffer as moderator. He’s been laid back, but he has successfully navigated the discussion so far.

20.28 Angela Yang

Yep, he’s talking about the US economy and military now.

20.28 Robert Lampros

Well the domestic issues are the ones that people care about most right now

20.28 Matthew Dudak

Yes, Ms. Yang, basically Obama is saying that our economy matters too. Because in reality, even though this has probably been the most issue-oriented debate to date, people care more about their pockets than Syria.

20.28 Bradley Disbrow

Romney: “I want a peaceful planet.” Great soundbytes from both candidates tonight.

20.28 Tyler Miksanek

Now Romney’s doing the domestic economy thing too. It’s contagious.

20.27 Tyler Miksanek

Ms. Yang, I think Obama keeps on trying to hit economic undertones to make it clear he is still worrying about domestic economic troubles.

20.26 Bradley Disbrow

Obama’s point that we cannot garner respect without improving our domestic problems is a very important point.

20.26 Angela Yang

Obama said “rebuilding their economy in a way that’s transparent”. What does that mean?

20.25 Robert Lampros

Obama is currently taking the lead in time

20.25 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Miksanek, I agree. I want to see what their opinions on Morsi are.

20.24 Noah Baird

An interesting point by Obama by saying that Romney doesn’t want anything different. That is bringing the issue to experience which Obama has the advantage on.

20.24 Tyler Miksanek

Going back to Mubarak? I care about Egypt now, not about Egypt 20 months ago.

20.23 Bradley Disbrow

And Robbie, that’s very true. But at least nobody on this stage tonight is a war hawk.

20.23 Robert Lampros

Bradley I was thinking the same thing…

20.23 Bradley Disbrow

I’m not terribly comfortable with Romney wanting to arm the opposition in Syria. That smacks so much of Afghanistan.

20.22 Noah Baird

“I don’t want to have our military involved in Syria”

Good statement. It is definitive and quotable in the future.

20.22 Matthew Dudak

“We have to take the same kind of steady, thoughtful process in Syria.” I like this changing face of American foreign policy.

20.22 Robert Lampros

Bradley, this is assuming that all of these things are held up in an actual crisis situation with whoever gets elected

20.21 Tyler Miksanek

True Mr. Dudak. As far as U.S. interests are concerned, the al-Qaeda presence in Syria is the largest risk.

20.21 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Disbrow, I could not agree more.

20.21 Noah Baird

I agree Bradley

20.21 Angela Yang

Romney clearly states about what he wants to do in Syria. Obama goes back to Libya…

20.20 Bradley Disbrow

This debate, no matter who gets elected, is a great step forward in American foreign policy – no troops on the ground, but diplomats ready to deal.

20.19 Matthew Dudak

Both candidates are discussing arms falling into the wrong hands, yet neither are actually discussing the relationship between the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda.

20.19 Bradley Disbrow

Romney has figured out that moderates (aka most reasonable people) don’t want another war. He’s acting on it too. This may, however, clash with what he’s previously said.

20.19 Noah Baird

I like how Obama says what we can’t do. America has been a one country power house in the wars it has fought lately. Obama showing restraint in the use shows maturity at the helm.

20.18 Tyler Miksanek

I think Obama nailed the Syria question. But Romney successfully connects it to Iran, which is also a smart tactic.

20.17 Bradley Disbrow

They’ve been pretty effective for Iran.

20.17 Matthew Dudak

Yeah because sanctions always work on countries- Oh wait.

20.15 Matthew Dudak

“These countries cannot develop unless all of their population develops, not just part of it.” Great statement by Obama.

20.15 Robert Lampros

Noah, maybe people are tired of bickering

20.15 Noah Baird

The CNN ticker went very negative when the candidates started talking over each other.

20.15 Tyler Miksanek

“Here’s one thing I’ve learned as president. You’ve got to be clear” -Obama. I like it.

20.14 Noah Baird

Bradley I agree with your statement. He made a good comment on how attacking him doesn’t state policy.

20.14 Bradley Disbrow

Wow. This has shaped up to be a great debate so far. They’re actually talking to each other and debating issues. This is beautiful.

20.14 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Miksanek, it was good, but after three times, he needs to find a new word to stay ahead.

20.14 Tyler Miksanek

Arguing over facts yet again.

20.13 Tyler Miksanek

Romney just used the word concur. Then he used tumult. He wins the vocabulary election.

20.13 Noah Baird

I appreciate that Obama has not yet touted the fact that Romney has never had any leadership involving foreign policy.

20.13 Matthew Dudak

Obama is really going on the offensive of Romney. He realizes that for once, foreign policy is a Democrat’s strength.

20.13 Bradley Disbrow

I don’t think Obama can fairly say that Romney has been wrong on every foreign policy opinion, simply because he opposed Obama’s opinions. Obama doesn’t have a spotless record himself.

20.12 Angela Yang

Oooh burn. Obama is pointing out all of the flaws in Romney’s argument!

20.11 Robert Lampros

I would say that the decades comment just a minute ago was rehearsed multiple times and he was really wanting to get it in there. I’ll be honest though, it was a good one…

20.11 Matthew Dudak

Romney is once again staring longingly at Obama. There really is a twinkle in Romney’s eyes when Obama speaks.

20.11 Tyler Miksanek

Obama brings up Romney’s Russia is our number one geopolitical foe comment. Obama’s on the offensive tonight.

20.11 Bradley Disbrow

Ouch. Obama got Romney on him saying that Russia is the biggest geopolitical threat.

20.10 Matthew Dudak

I feel like Egypt is seeing much more progress than most any other country in the Arab Spring, why does Romney bring it up?

20.10 Bradley Disbrow

I’m glad Romney is not advocating for another Iraq or Afghanistan. Both candidates are saying some great things.

20.09 Tyler Miksanek

Both candidates go over time on their very first answers. This could be a long night.

20.09 Matthew Dudak

“My strategy is to go after the bad guys.” -Romney

20.08 Matthew Dudak

Obama touts his success in Libya, without putting troups on the ground and using less money than used in Iraq in just a short time.

20.08 Noah Baird

Something that slightly miffs me about foreign policy debates is how someone is blamed for something out of their control.

In this case the “4 years closer to a nuclear weapon.” That is a statement of fact phrased as a place of blame.

20.07 Matthew Dudak

And Obama does not actually talk about Libya either. At least at first.

20.07 Tyler Miksanek

Romney’s answer to a question on Libya involved him mentioning Libya once in passing. Well done, sir.

20.06 Bradley Disbrow

“We can’t kill our way out of this mess.” Interesting…is Romney proposing diplomacy and multilateralism?

20.06 Matthew Dudak

Romney answers a Libya question by talking about Mali, Egypt and Iran. Do you know which country you are talking about, Mr. Governor?

20.04 Matthew Dudak

The answer to a Libya question is to thank everyone involved.

20.04 Noah Baird

Party colors on the ties.

I believe the President chose his speckled blue because it is a more casual look and he’s trying to show that he can apply his old presidency to more modern topics.

Romney chose the red with blue stripes to try to appeal to the middle.

20.04 Matthew Dudak

And we begin with the Libyan embassy issue.

20.04 Bradley Disbrow

First segment is about the Middle East. WHAT?!??!!?!?!?!?!

20.03 Matthew Dudak

50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Perfect night for Foreign Policy debate.

20.03 Tyler Miksanek

Like the vice presidential debate, the candidates will be sitting down.

20.02 Robert Lampros

Noah I already ate all mine…

Tyler, that’s exactly what I was referring to.

20.02 Bradley Disbrow

Robbie, Charles Sumner would also disagree with you.

20.02 Matthew Dudak

Let’s go Bob Shieffer, don’t let us down.

20.01 Noah Baird

With a Sprite in hand and stir fry in the refrigerator I am ready for a good round of debates.

20.00 Tyler Miksanek

Alexander Hamilton would disagree with you, Robbie.

20.00 Robert Lampros

I’m hoping that this final debate reaches punches because that would be historical (recent history at least, I miss the days political issues were settled by duels)

19.59 Matthew Dudak

Hello all! I greatly look forward to this, Foreign Policy is my favorite. Let’s hope the moderator has some good questions ready!

19.58 Noah Baird

Where is everyone….

19.58 Bradley Disbrow

Hello everyone! Thanks again to Rantaweek for inviting us; tonight looks to be exciting!

19.56 Noah Baird

I’d like to say from the beginning, the moderator is wearing a red tie.

This shows bias.

19.55 Noah Baird

Testing my posts


Hello everyone!

19.53 Tyler Miksanek

Tonight’s debate will be the last big impression many voters have of the two candidates before the election in just two short weeks. Additionally, a solid performance (or, conversely, a gaffe) could position the momentum leading up to the election. Small mistakes could become a big deal, especially because current polls show a very close race. Neither candidate is in a position to make risks, but the candidates must also avoid appearing weak.

RantAWeek is excited to begin our final debate liveblog, and we welcome our extended panel of contributors to help provide analysis and humor. Let the debate commence!


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