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October 11th Vice Presidential Debate

21.38 Matthew Dudak

And with that, we thank you all for joining us. We will have a full length analysis of the debate tomorrow. We also thank our esteemed panelists for joining us and giving us their insightful commentary. Join us next Tuesday for our second Presidential debate, the town-hall debate.

21.37 Robert Lampros

Thanks RantAWeek for hosting, goodnight all

21.37 Robert Lampros

I’m actually going to declare this a tie. I think that both sides gave convincing answers, they both sidestepped their fair amount of questions, and they both displayed themselves well but I do not like how Biden sounded condescending and continually interrupted both the moderator and Ryan.

I don’t believe that this debate will have too much impact in the long run. If Obama is not able to regain his confidence in the next debate however, any strength by Biden this debate will be counteracted.

I agree with Sam in that the bonus winner is most definitively the moderator, fantastic job. This would have been so much harder to watch if she didn’t keep things in control.

21.35 Matthew Dudak

Ryan came out and did fairly well, but after his running mate did a very effective job of coming off like a person in the first presidential debate, Ryan lost some of that ground. Ryan simply came off too robotic. Also, at the points where Ryan was stronger, the two candidates began simply talking over each other. Biden meanwhile came off as a much more personable and he was very strong when they weren’t talking over each other. Biden comes out to be the winner.

21.34 Julia Nusgart

I love the pink suit!

21.33 Angela Yang

Who’s the lady in the pink suit?

21.33 Emily Perlstein

Winner: Biden. He came out fighting after a lackluster performance by Obama. He sounded intelligent, was specific and used facts. Of course, he was overly sassy, and that may not sit well with some voters, but he proved himself a strong debater.

21.32 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan argued his points well for someone unused to the national debate stage. Still, it’s hard to compete against an angry Biden, and Biden’s aggressive argumentation won the day. And while it was not as decisive of a win as Romney got last week against a staid Obama, this should counteract the Republican momentum in the polls.

21.32 Angela Yang

I agree with Mr. Niiro. Ryan just brings everything back to the economy while Biden shows he knows what he’s talking about.

21.32 Sam Niiro

Closing comment: The real winner of this debate depends on the adjectives used to characterize Joe Biden in the weeks ahead. If they say “aggressive”, he won. If the media uses “condescending”, he lost. And now my laptop is dying. Laterz.


21.32 Julia Nusgart

Winner: Vice Presient Biden. He made more sense when speaking, made more points, and directly attacked Romney more effectivly than Ryan attacked Obama.

21.32 Claire Bratzel

WINNER: Joe Biden. More likeable, less condescending, sounded more authoritative.

21.31 Sam Niiro

WINNER: Vice President Biden, but it wasn’t convincing. He proved himself a capable debater, though, far outpacing what people seemed to be expecting.


BONUS WINNER: Martha Raddatz, except her softballs at the end were disappointing.

21.30 Robert Lampros

Plus I like how Biden was complaining but he has still talked the most.

21.29 Tyler Miksanek

Candidates are on closing statements. What are your closing comments? Who won?

21.29 Robert Lampros

Stop squabbling over time

21.29 Sam Niiro

Seriously, these debates need a new format. Far too much complaining about time from both sides.

21.28 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Miksanek, I feel like Biden may just say big words when he gets tired.

21.27 Tyler Miksanek

Eviscerated? Mr. Biden, you are the vocabulary king.

21.27 Robert Lampros

I think Biden is just tired at this point.

21.26 Matthew Dudak

Also, we ask all of our panelists to once again stick around and pick a winner as well as make any closing comments about the debate immediately after the debate.

21.26 Julia Nusgart

This kind of ruins the emotional ending that I was enjoying….

21.26 Angela Yang

Ryan is using similar attacks against Obama as Romney did a week ago.

21.26 Sam Niiro

Wikipedia was the right choice for a lizardpeople article and you know it.

On a serious note, I don’t like how Ryan turned this question into taxes.

21.25 Matthew Dudak

Ryan randomly takes it back to taxes. Definitely not trying to end on an emotional note.

21.25 Robert Lampros

Ryan is using this question as more of a platform to say his final thoughts as opposed to Biden’s response.

21.25 Tyler Miksanek

How can people lose health insurance if Obamacare goes through, Mr Ryan? What’s that individual mandate about?

21.25 Julia Nusgart

I do not like Ryan’s response to this it seems cold in comparsion to Biden’s emotion.

21.25 Robert Lampros

oh Yang you rascal

21.24 Angela Yang

Just kidding, I know abomination!

21.24 Angela Yang

I don’t even know what those words mean…

21.24 Robert Lampros

Sam you just linked to both wikipedia and that article…

21.23 Tyler Miksanek

Biden just used scurrilous and abomination in back to back sentences. He wins the vocabulary contest.

21.23 Sam Niiro

Yeah, it makes them seem like real people and conceals their true reptilian nature.

21.23 Emily Perlstein

Biden definitely has the leg up on this question. Any American will respect his son for serving, while Ryan doesn’t have a background like that.

21.23 Matthew Dudak

I like that this question makes them really consider their tone throughout this whole campaign.

21.23 Angela Yang

I think Biden is either losing his voice, or about to cry.

21.23 Robert Lampros

I’m not sure I’m hearing the actual answer to this question from Biden yet

21.22 Julia Nusgart

I like the emotional end. It makes them seem like real people.

21.22 Angela Yang

Yeah, I agree.

21.22 Robert Lampros

This is a fantastic ending question I think

21.22 Angela Yang

Aww such a sentimental question!

21.22 Matthew Dudak

Is it just me or is Raddatz close to tears? Also, I like this question a lot.

21.21 Claire Bratzel

Interesting and very fair connection to the Supreme Court.

21.21 Matthew Dudak

Biden hitting on Scalia. Daaaang.

21.20 Sam Niiro

Ryan, abortion with exceptions is not in line with Catholic doctrine.

21.20 Julia Nusgart

I think Biden’s answer was well said.

21.19 Tyler Miksanek

Is it just me or is abortion a bad subject to end on?

21.19 Sam Niiro

Dang, Biden is really going after him on this. In a much more somber way than before, but really aggressive.

21.19 Emily Perlstein

Good of Biden to broaden this religious topic beyond Catholicism.

21.18 Claire Bratzel

Matt-they do. Ryan himself sponsored a Personhood amendment.


21.18 Sam Niiro

Wait, I wasn’t paying attention, why did Ryan just mention forced abortions and sterilization?

21.17 Julia Nusgart

Ok Paul Ryan allowing abortion may be agianst your religion but that does not mean you have to have one. Taking it away steps on the rights of others too. This argument goes in circles.

21.17 Matthew Dudak

What I don’t quite understand is how you can be so anti-Abortion despite Roe v. Wade. I always am curious if the Republican party wants to make a Constitutional Amendment.

21.17 Robert Lampros

And Ryan has overtaken speaking time

21.16 Tyler Miksanek

“10 years ago my wife and I went to Mercy Hospital in Janesville where I was born.” – Ryan

Whoa! Ryan’s only 10. That can’t be constitutional.

21.16 Sam Niiro

Hey, Bean is the name of Kurt Cobain’s daughter! Paul Ryan: REALLY KURT COBAIN?

21.16 Robert Lampros

That’s a weird nickname…

21.16 Julia Nusgart

Ryan is a very good mother goose. Sorry big bird you are replaced.

21.16 Angela Yang

More stories :)

21.15 Matthew Dudak

Can we please go back to Iran? I liked that better.

21.15 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan does not look happy to be discussing abortion.

21.15 Angela Yang

Abortion? Keeping my eyes peeled for gaffes…

21.15 Julia Nusgart

As apposed to what, speaking like a robot?

21.15 Robert Lampros

For a second I thought she actually was saying Romney was catholic. Also is this actually a good idea to discuss…

21.15 Matthew Dudak

Nor was I, Mr. Niiro.

21.15 Tyler Miksanek

Abortion? Wow.

21.15 Julia Nusgart

Oooh controversail topics. Now I am excited.

21.15 Sam Niiro

Oh, abortion, nevermind. This is also Biden’s forte.

21.14 Sam Niiro

Religion? I was NOT expecting that topic.

21.14 Sam Niiro

Okay, nevermind, good clarification from Ryan.

21.14 Matthew Dudak

Not the humanitarian interest, but the rational security interest. Wow Ryan.

21.14 Sam Niiro

Whoa, that was a pretty aggressive stance, Mr. Ryan.

21.14 Angela Yang

Oh, never mind.

21.13 Tyler Miksanek

“We agree with the same red line they do.” – Ryan

I think I may have found the one remaining bipartisan agreement in Washington!

21.13 Matthew Dudak

But Ryan, Russia and/or China would’ve vetoed us at the UNSC. Do we want another Iraq?

21.13 Angela Yang

Ryan just said Biden was right about something!!

21.13 Sam Niiro

Raddatz, can we please move on to something more interesting, like Israel/Palestine or China? Somewhere there are substantive differences that each side isn’t just making up?

21.13 Julia Nusgart

I like the answer he gave as to what would happen.

21.12 Matthew Dudak

Ryan hating on multilateralism.

21.11 Robert Lampros

Yeah my bad Sam, good catch

21.11 Matthew Dudak

We gave Russia veto power?

21.11 Sam Niiro

*Syria like we did Libya, I think you mean.

And I think that was what his “one fifth the population, five times the space” line was supposed to be about.

21.11 Julia Nusgart

Hiliary Clinton is amazing. Just sayin.

21.10 Tyler Miksanek

Princess Bride, Mr. Niiro. Is that really where we’re going?

21.10 Robert Lampros

Biden has not answered why we cannot support Libya like we did Syria. No boots on the ground, just support. I’m not sure whats wrong with doing the same here.

21.09 Tyler Miksanek

We have an article on that alliance.

21.09 Angela Yang

I don’t know, I really shouldn’t be…I’m just happy they finally changed the subject!

21.09 Sam Niiro

Biden: “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” Okay, not really, but he’s pretty close to saying it!

21.09 Matthew Dudak

Ooh, the tricky issue of the alliance between al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army.

21.08 Matthew Dudak

Ms. Yang, why are you so excited about this?!

21.07 Angela Yang


21.07 Sam Niiro

Critiquing Afghan policy clearly gets Biden pretty angry.

21.07 Robert Lampros

On the bright side, Ryan is starting to get his speaking time up. But wait, here comes Biden to interrupt again

21.07 Emily Perlstein

Breaking News: both candidates agree that the calendar is the same each year.

21.07 Sam Niiro

Move on to Pakistan or something, please.

21.07 Tyler Miksanek

Maybe there’s a reason Afghanistan never gets any news coverage anymore…. It deserves attention, but there aren’t any polarizing ideological differences on it.

21.07 Julia Nusgart

Apparenlty the calander works the same every year. See this is great stuff for the new mother goose!

21.07 Sam Niiro


21.05 Claire Bratzel

“I sat there.” -Good point, Biden. “Let me explain, this can get a little bit confusing.” -Not good, Ryan.

21.05 Matthew Dudak

As much as I didn’t like Lehrer’s “differences”, this may be a good place for them.

21.05 Robert Lampros

Public meter shows, everyone’s bored of this topic.

21.05 Tyler Miksanek

“You be a little straight with me too.” Did I not hear Biden right or is this the time of the night where he stops forming coherent sentences?

21.05 Julia Nusgart

This is a stalemate… Next topic.

21.05 Sam Niiro

Yeah, more Afghanistan chat isn’t inducing anyone to keep watching.

21.04 Robert Lampros

It may build confidence in America citizens, however it does give the Taliban a direct date at which they know they can strike and sweep in to take control of the entire country. They can hold off and build up until that.

21.04 Matthew Dudak

They basically both agree on this much. They just disagree on what to publicly say about it. Let’s move on Raddatz.

21.03 Angela Yang

Ryan makes a good point, but Biden seems more confident in what he’s saying.

21.02 Tyler Miksanek

“I’d like to know why” – Joe Biden snide interruption #153

21.02 Matthew Dudak

I don’t see how broadcasting a date is bad when it just builds confidence in your citizens.

21.02 Robert Lampros

I think Ryan has a good point about absolute deadlines for pullouts.

21.02 Sam Niiro

Is that the third time this week someone’s said the “televisions blah blah blah unraveling of Obama foreign policy” statement? Once from Romney on Monday, twice from Ryan here.

21.02 Julia Nusgart

We can replace pbs with the new version of mother goose. Ryan and Obama telling stories.

21.01 Emily Perlstein

Paul Ryan tries to do story time again.

21.01 Matthew Dudak

Afghanistan is definitely Biden’s strength.

21.01 Robert Lampros

I agree sam but it is a gain and Al-Qaeda is at its weakest

21.01 Devashri Nagarkar

Another story!

21.00 Sam Niiro

Bin Laden’s death isn’t a gain that can be lost if we withdraw, unless the Taliban and Al-Qaeda suddenly gained access to vile magicks.

20.59 Robert Lampros

Taliban isn’t as weak though admittedly

20.59 Sam Niiro

A worthy read if you’re interested in Biden’s foreign policy responsibilities right now.

20.59 Robert Lampros

well sam…Bin Laden is dead for one

20.58 Matthew Dudak

Sam, I am a bit unsure too, but it has been their platform. Who knows why.

20.58 Tyler Miksanek

Doesn’t the Taliban still control more land area than the Afghan government?

20.58 Robert Lampros

Ryan is really into this emotional appealing stuff

20.58 Sam Niiro

What gains?

20.58 Julia Nusgart


20.57 Matthew Dudak

Ryan sticking to his “we don’t want to loose the gain’s we’ve gotten” guns for Afghanistan.

20.57 Sam Niiro

Afghanistan is Biden’s court. It is literally his primary area of foreign policy in the administration.

20.57 Robert Lampros

Biden is now chiding the moderator

20.57 Tyler Miksanek

Biden’s hand just made it on to Ryan’s spilt screen.

20.56 Claire Bratzel

A smaller navy demonstrates weakness? I think it shows fiscal responsibility, which is arguably more important.

20.56 Matthew Dudak

Biden saying that the defense cut is simply a debt deal. Good move.

20.56 Sam Niiro

Ryan should not have brought up the sequester. As Biden just pointed out.

20.55 Sam Niiro

Sequester chat, wooo.

20.55 Robert Lampros

I would like to point out the massive difference between 2Billion dollars and 2TRILLION dollars

20.55 Julia Nusgart

“Because that’s another math question… How do you do it?”

20.54 Matthew Dudak

I think I am among the majority here, in not understanding what “math” is going on here at all.

20.54 Robert Lampros

Yang, no, no they are not.

20.53 Sam Niiro

Clarification: That all-caps yell was aimed at Biden.

20.53 Angela Yang

Are they allowed to keep interrupting each other?

20.53 Robert Lampros

Ryan has kept his cool very well I would say and honestly Biden is not being a fair debater and sticking to the rules that were agreed upon. Its just bad sportsmanship.

20.53 Julia Nusgart

Mitt Romney was nice to democrats, we get it!

20.52 Tyler Miksanek

The candidates are now arguing over what math is legitimate. Math, so far, has made no comment.

20.52 Sam Niiro


20.52 Claire Bratzel

Ooh, MATH.

20.52 Devashri Nagarkar

“Oh now you’re Jack Kennedy”

20.51 Tyler Miksanek

Did Biden pull a ‘you’re no Jack Kennedy’ with the I was there with Reagan comment?

20.51 Matthew Dudak

Did Biden almost call Romney “Ronald Reagan”? I feel like every Republican would’ve loved that.

20.51 Sam Niiro

SAY “You are no Ronald Reagan.” SAY IT.

20.51 Angela Yang

Oooh Biden is getting aggressive!

20.51 Robert Lampros

“I was there when Reagan…” -Biden

Pulling the old mans card

20.51 Sam Niiro

Can we show each of these debaters very visible timers? They each have no idea when they should be speaking.

20.51 Julia Nusgart

Why, Canada is not the USA or I have just been taught wrong?

20.50 Matthew Dudak

Raddatz also doing a much better job at letting the speaking times much closer.

20.50 Julia Nusgart

Robbie I completly agree the hair looks awkward.

20.50 Sam Niiro

“Can I translate?”

20.50 Tyler Miksanek

Yes Julia, Ryan is trying to appeal to the Canadian demographic.

20.49 Matthew Dudak

Raddatz asking for specifics instead of differences. I like this more. I like her drilling Ryan for specifics.

20.49 Angela Yang

Haha Nusgart.

20.49 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan uses the same debunking of the 5 trillion dollar tax cut that Romney used last week.

20.49 Robert Lampros

I’m sorry, I cannot take my eyes off of Ryan’s widows peak.

20.49 Sam Niiro

Oooh, deductions question.

20.49 Julia Nusgart

I am a little confused. Are Canadians voting now?

20.49 Sam Niiro

Whoa, Ryan just deflected from corporate taxes into small-business taxes and represented them as the same thing. Bad form.

20.48 Julia Nusgart

Wait, what. Ryan comes from overseas? Was that a joke?

20.48 Devashri Nagarkar

Bringing up Canada. Which is a very different country than America.

20.48 Robert Lampros

Ryan stares down the camera, looking into the very soul of the middle class

20.48 Matthew Dudak

I really dislike both parties’ definitions of “middle class”.

20.48 Angela Yang

Ryan is moving his head a lot! Sorry, these are really random comments.

20.47 Angela Yang

Hi guys! I just turned on the debate and I see Biden ranting. It goes perfectly with the name of rantaweek!

20.47 Sam Niiro

This is far more interesting than the Presidential debate. Biden is bringing a fire Obama lacked, Ryan is filling in details that Romney skirted.


20.47 Tyler Miksanek

Biden just stumbled over the difference between million and thousand. He is having some serious powers of ten problems.

20.46 Robert Lampros

“All the studies”…like which?

20.45 Julia Nusgart

The beginning of that answer was pretty simple.

20.45 Tyler Miksanek

Biden just accidentally said million billion. Heehee.

20.45 Matthew Dudak

“800 million billion dollars of that” -Joe Biden.

20.45 Sam Niiro

Worth noting: both sides define the middle class as extending up to households making up to 250,000 a year. Bear this in mind when they say “middle-class”.

20.45 Robert Lampros

Fantastic question!

20.45 Matthew Dudak

Raddatz being sassy.

20.44 Tyler Miksanek

Biden has interrupted Ryan quite a bit. His speaking time is well above Ryan’s.

20.44 Claire Bratzel

Why is Ryan criticizing politicians in general? HE IS ONE.

20.44 Devashri Nagarkar

Ryan looks like he is going to cry.

20.44 Matthew Dudak

Biden appealing to “common sense.” Whose?

20.44 Sam Niiro

NEW DEBATE IDEAS: whenever someone trails off into a sappy story they get slapped on the back with one of those handshake buzzer things.

20.43 Robert Lampros


20.43 Claire Bratzel

I’m glad the moderator brought Ryan back from a sappy political thing and back to his record.

20.43 Matthew Dudak

Biden being forced to rub his brow.

20.43 Tyler Miksanek

And Mr. Dudak, no Newsroom references, please.

20.43 Robert Lampros

Pulling out old campaign statements….I think Ryan picked some good ones

20.42 Sam Niiro

I’ll admit, I’ve been no help on analyzing this part of the debate because no one ever talks about entitlements accurately or honestly. Uuuuuuuuugggh make it stop.

20.42 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan said what a voucher isn’t. He didn’t say what a voucher is.

20.42 Matthew Dudak

Raddatz should play a bigger role. Do a Will McAvoy from The Newsroom. That would be fun.

20.41 Sam Niiro

No joke, Raddatz should interrupt on every single answer. Make them both sweat.

20.41 Tyler Miksanek

Biden appeals to ‘folks’. Okay…

20.40 Tyler Miksanek

Biden is a laughing truth-checker machine.

20.40 Robert Lampros

Biden should stop interrupting…

20.40 Devashri Nagarkar

Ryan looks to the ceiling after another interuption by Biden. Divine intervention?

20.40 Sam Niiro

Ah, okay.

20.40 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan has some heated words for Biden, but Raddatz steps in to end the fight.

20.39 Matthew Dudak

Ryan and Biden going at it, Ryan coming off as more respectful and somber though.

20.39 Robert Lampros

Public is referring to CNN’s little ticker on the bottom

20.39 Claire Bratzel

Wow, now THAT was condescending.

20.39 Robert Lampros

I feel like if Biden wasn’t allowed to laugh, he would have slapped Ryan by now.

20.39 Sam Niiro

Robbie: what is your “public”? I have no idea where to get live responses that isn’t twitter (which can be very skewed in either way).

20.38 Emily Perlstein

Biden directly addresses the american people

20.38 Robert Lampros

The public isn’t responding well to this. Doesn’t seem to be helping or hurting…

20.38 Sam Niiro

Side note: everyone here should be following the @OnionPolitics twitter, regardless of political affiliation. They’re being Onion Biden.

20.38 Devashri Nagarkar

Biden “Every vice presidential debate, I hear this kind of stuff”.

20.37 Matthew Dudak

When Biden just said something about seniors asking themself, I felt like it was a bad commercial on TV at 2 in the morning.

20.37 Matthew Dudak

Biden making a Palin joke.

20.37 Sam Niiro


20.36 Tyler Miksanek

And Sam, I say this only because social programs were the big focus of the Ryan budget and he has been a leading voice for reform. This should be his specialty.

20.36 Sam Niiro

Ryan’s specifics are that he wanted to cut 6 billion from Medicare too.

20.36 Emily Perlstein

Joe Biden’s smirking was funny at first, but now I feel he’s coming off as arrogant.

20.36 Sam Niiro

Biden laughing: was he going to mention vouchers and that’s why he’s laughing, or were they not going to come up at all in his rebuttal?

20.36 Matthew Dudak

Its interesting that here Ryan has to talk about social programs without actually talking about his plan because its not endorsed by Romney.

20.36 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan is able to get into some policy specifics on these social programs. We’ll have to see whether or not Biden can counter Ryan on his big strength.

20.35 Sam Niiro

Social programs, Ryan’s time to shine? He’s been booed at the AARP for his social program plans. (I hate the AARP, that’s besides the point)

20.35 Julia Nusgart


20.35 Robert Lampros

Yes but Julia, Biden has never had the stiffness issue, he has the ‘saying regrettable things’ issue. Being all buddy buddy with the audience may put him too much at ease.

20.35 Claire Bratzel

*sigh* Another only mildly relevant story…

20.34 Matthew Dudak

Ryan is once again trying to use storytime.

20.34 Tyler Miksanek

Social programs? This should be Ryan’s time to shine.

20.34 Robert Lampros

Ok the moderator is keeping control however I wish we could get to the end of some of these discussions before moving on.

20.34 Sam Niiro

Because this is the first post-truth election, Robbie.

20.34 Julia Nusgart

Paul Ryan, you’ve been cut off.

20.34 Matthew Dudak

Now on to Medicare.

20.33 Julia Nusgart

Claire, I feel like this makes him seem more realtable and less stiff and unapprochable.

20.33 Robert Lampros

I’m confused as to why he even said he was against the two wars then when he voted to go to war in the first place.

20.33 Sam Niiro

Ryan getting hurt by his previous requests for funding (nothing wrong with pork IMO, but being heavily anti-pork is difficult to consistently do when you’re a Representative).

20.33 Claire Bratzel

Sometimes I think Biden forgets he’s talking to everybody and not just his buddies…

20.33 Tyler Miksanek

Biden just reclined. EPIC!

20.33 Robert Lampros

For the record, Biden voted ‘AYE’ for going to war in Iraq in October of 2002.

20.32 Sam Niiro

Biden voted for Iraq, pretty sure he voted for Afghanistan.

20.32 Matthew Dudak

Biden really needs to stop smiling and laughing so much.

20.32 Sam Niiro

Biden’s going to attack the 12 million jobs thing. At least he should.


20.32 Devashri Nagarkar

Obama and Biden are like opposites in the debates. Maybe they are hoping that way they hit the people who like aggressivness, while at the same time countering points.

20.31 Robert Lampros

Well hold on, did Biden actually speak out against the two wars when they were being voted on? research time…

20.31 Claire Bratzel

Joe Biden is making a good point here! But he should have anticipated this “what about the supermajority” argument.

20.30 Julia Nusgart

Biden calling out Romney.

20.30 Sam Niiro

This debate is substantially more up in the air than the Presidential debate, but I think that Paul Ryan (like Obama) is not used to being questioned and interrupted.

20.30 Matthew Dudak

Biden saying that the Republicans need to get out of the way to create more jobs. Oh snap.

20.29 Sam Niiro

See! Now he’s telling his car crash story.

20.29 Claire Bratzel

This was a TERRIBLE spot for this story. I also think it paints Mitt Romney as out of touch again–most people don’t have somebody swoop in and pay for college for them…

20.29 Emily Perlstein

” I always say what I mean. And so does Romney” oh Biden

20.28 Sam Niiro

Bringing in that Romney has the money to pay some other family’s whole college tuition: good idea or bad? I’m torn on this one.

20.28 Julia Nusgart

I find when people speak about Mitt Romeny I actually like him, but when Mitt Romney talks about Mitt Romney I don’t like him.

20.28 Robert Lampros

Once again, the Vice Presidents are not allowed to have ideas that are not of their presidential counterpart. They are supporters, not leaders in the campaign. The gather votes, not create the platform.

20.28 Matthew Dudak

Storytime with Ryan?

20.28 Claire Bratzel

“They keep misquoting him.” I think attacking the media is a bad idea.

20.28 Sam Niiro

Bringing in car crashes and children is kind of rude when Joe Biden is involved…

20.27 Robert Lampros

and there’s the laugh again

20.27 Devashri Nagarkar

Ryan using Pathos!

20.27 Matthew Dudak

Romney is a car guy?

20.27 Devashri Nagarkar

I think Romney and Ryan worked together on these answers. Do you see the similarities from the Presidential debate?

20.26 Robert Lampros

Well the VPs are just extensions of the presidential candidate. Essentially they should only be doing their own respectives candidates’ ideas as opposed to their own

20.26 Matthew Dudak

And there it is. Scranton unemployment reference.

20.26 Sam Niiro

Biden’s supposed to be debating Romney, Ryan is supposed to be debating Obama. That’s how the VP debate works.

20.26 Julia Nusgart

This debate is about a thousand times more enterating than the Presidental debate.

20.26 Tyler Miksanek

Any defensiveness that Obama was criticized for last week can not be applied to Biden this week.

20.25 Sam Niiro

Biden is very aggressive right now. This is why he was picked for VP in ’08.

20.25 Emily Perlstein

Biden is on the attack tonight. I feel like he’s debating Romney more than he’s debating Ryan.

20.25 Tyler Miksanek

Grover Norquist reference too! Biden is on the attack.

20.25 Matthew Dudak

I wonder if Raddatz wanted the candidates to sit down so that they are limited in their intensity.

20.25 Sam Niiro

Whoa, Grover Norquist reference!

20.25 Claire Bratzel


20.25 Tyler Miksanek

47% reference! Thanks Biden, I was waiting.

20.25 Robert Lampros

HEYOOOOO 47% is on

20.24 Matthew Dudak

And there it is. The 47% reference.

20.24 Tyler Miksanek

The ‘can you get unemployment to under 6%’ question is loaded. No president or vice president actually knows that.

20.24 Robert Lampros

Bidens answer: Eventually it will get better, I don’t know when…

20.24 Sam Niiro

“Can you get unemployment to under 6%?” Given that some economists are now saying that 6% may be our new natural unemployment rate, a somewhat curious question.

20.24 Devashri Nagarkar

Unemployment is a point for and against Obama. While is is lower than every before, Obama has not gotten it to 6%.

20.23 Matthew Dudak

And now a drastic switch to domestic!

20.23 Emily Perlstein

Ryan says he would rather there be another war in the Middle East than Iran gain nuclear capabilities. Also, nice flip-flopping aside Biden.

20.23 Tyler Miksanek

Biden makes a flip-flop joke. BAM!

20.23 Devashri Nagarkar

Biden is playing on people’s opposition of war and saying that they are trying to stop it.

20.23 Matthew Dudak

I feel like the claim that Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism is strange. I think countries like Yemen and Somalia harbour more terrorists.

20.23 Robert Lampros

Lets be honest, not many people care about the VP debate until someone messes up.

20.22 Robert Lampros

Claire, I fully agree. Biden keeps getting closer and closer to just a condescending tone.

20.22 Sam Niiro

“Putting daylight between us and Israel” a direct reference to Romney’s foreign policy speech on Monday.

20.22 Claire Bratzel

I honestly don’t think the Ayatollahs are watching the VP debate…

20.22 Sam Niiro

Why does Ryan keep referencing “the ayatollahs”? It feels very outdated.

20.21 Tyler Miksanek

Notice how moderator Raddatz is actually contributing to this debate. She must not have attended Lehrer’s moderating class.

20.21 Claire Bratzel

I think Biden is walking the fine line between likeable and condescending.

20.21 Robert Lampros

Well Ryan has a point. Despite Iran not having a delivery vehicle, they are still getting closer to weaponizing uranium.

20.21 Matthew Dudak

Last weeks debate had lots of numbers. Today’s key: SCIENCE.

20.20 Sam Niiro

My co-bloggers don’t seem to like that I linked to Salon, and as such I shall link to the Economist as well.

20.20 Matthew Dudak

Biden seems considerably more knowledgeable about what Iran actually has to do to get a nuclear weapon.

20.20 Claire Bratzel


20.20 Robert Lampros

Are those even glass cups?

20.19 Matthew Dudak

I like that they are both calling Netanyahu “Bebe”.

20.18 Robert Lampros

Iranians aren’t voters

20.18 Devashri Nagarkar

Ryan is not answering the question by saying that the line can be extended.

20.18 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan has gotten cut off twice now.

20.18 Matthew Dudak

Interesting that Ryan is blaming the Ayatollahs instead of Ahmadinejad. I feel like this is probably a lot more offensive to many Iranians.

20.18 Sam Niiro

“They’re spinning centrifuges faster.” I like to imagine that Ahmadinejad is sitting in a test lab somewhere yelling FASTER, FASTER.

20.17 Sam Niiro

To refer back to Ryan briefly: he mentioned that Romney would have more credibility in foreign policy. I can’t find the article I liked most on this, but Romney (like Obama in ’08) is basically banking on the power of magic.

20.17 Julia Nusgart

More creepy laughing!

20.17 Devashri Nagarkar

Biden points out there is no weapon. Says Obama is doing all he can rather than going to war.

20.17 Matthew Dudak

Biden seems much more credible on this. He brings up a good fact that they have the material but still a lot more has to be done.

20.16 Claire Bratzel

Oooh, Joe Biden just pulled the security clearance card.

20.16 Robert Lampros

more sanctions dont lead to war….thats not how that progresses

20.16 Matthew Dudak

Ryan claims that his plan for Iran is to prevent war. I feel like they don’t have much of a plan.

20.15 Claire Bratzel

I think Joe Biden is really, really enjoying himself. In a terribly painful way.

20.15 Robert Lampros

Honestly, I think that Biden’s constant laughter isn’t boosting his credibility, he seems more childish when he does that and that’s not what he needs to be showing here.

20.15 Tyler Miksanek

Ryan is pulling an Obama – not looking at his opponent.

20.15 Devashri Nagarkar

Ryan says that the administration is stopping sanctions on Iran, allowing them to gain more weapons, but Russia is still in the way. And he says Congress is actually doing something by pushing the sanctions through.

20.15 Sam Niiro

Biden just stared at the camera with what I can only call a “that was a bunch of malarkey” look.

20.14 Matthew Dudak

Ryan basically calling for more Iranian sanctions. Interesting. I wonder what he things of their currency dropping 25% earlier this month.

20.14 Emily Perlstein

Ryan seems unprepared for some of these questions. Biden seems like he wants to slap him.

20.14 Robert Lampros

Woah the public loved that statement from ryan

20.13 Sam Niiro

Ryan dodging the Iran question. Probably for the best, since it’s not a question Romney wants to directly address.

20.13 Claire Bratzel

I can’t decide if I like the moderator or not. The questions (especially the first few) seemed odd, but she is cutting them off when they go into boring stock answers…


20.13 Robert Lampros

Well it is related because they’re discussing anger against america due to percieved insensitivity. And that was part of what provoked the libya attacks.

20.13 Matthew Dudak

Raddatz taking a much better job of controlling the candidates.

20.13 Sam Niiro

Raddatz doing a much better job controlling this debate.

20.13 Devashri Nagarkar

The moderator interupts Ryan.

20.12 Matthew Dudak

Ryan tries to bring it back to the Libya issue? Unrelated sir.

20.12 Robert Lampros

uhh ryan where are you going with this…

20.12 Matthew Dudak

Paul Ryan sidesteps the issue of burning Korans.

20.11 Devashri Nagarkar

Biden accuses Romney to act in a non-presidential way and using the ambassador’s death for press.

20.11 Matthew Dudak

Biden is doing a very good job of refuting this. He was certainly prepared.

20.11 Sam Niiro

“That’s not presidential leadership.” – Biden feeling very direct.

20.11 Sam Niiro

Biden clearly anticipated the Libya question. He was ready to refute pretty much every point and question about it.

20.11 Robert Lampros

Biden seems to be trying to jump on those questions before she’s even done asking them

20.10 Matthew Dudak

I feel like this debate may become a bit less civil and polite than the first presidential one.

20.10 Sam Niiro

I think Biden smiles whenever he hears something he has a refutation for. Let’s see how that hypothesis bears out.

20.09 Sam Niiro

Oh man Robbie I didn’t even notice that tie until you mentioned it. But red and purple, ewwww.

20.09 Devashri Nagarkar

Oh Ouch, directly saying that Paul Ryan is wrong. Very direct. And Paul Ryan’s smile looks very grinchy.

20.09 Tyler Miksanek

Biden continues to smile to himself… I wonder what’s going on in that mind of his.

20.09 Sam Niiro

Ryan doing his best to tie lack of increased defense spending to attacks in Libya. Biden calls that “malarkey”.


20.09 Robert Lampros

I am not a fan of Ryan’s outfit. The tie looks kinda sloppy and poorly picked. Also why does the moderator have and echo. AND HEYOOOO BIDEN SAID MALARKY

20.09 Julia Nusgart

I feel like already there is more of a debate than we saw last week.

20.09 Matthew Dudak

Biden is finding a lot very funny. Apparently it is a bunch of malarkey.

20.08 Emily Perlstein

The fact that Biden can’t stop laughing at Ryan makes me smile

20.08 Robert Lampros

Yeah what was that laugh?

20.08 Sam Niiro

Inappropriately timed Biden smile!

20.07 Matthew Dudak

Ryan says we are projecting weakness abroad. Yet Obama foreign policy seems much stronger than Romney.

20.07 Robert Lampros

I agree that he isn’t exactly the most emotional speaker but I think Ryan is doing fine so far. Also hello everyone

20.07 Julia Nusgart

Is Ryan wearing a Navy suit? Because if so then his tie clashes!

20.07 Sam Niiro

Biden smile!


20.06 Emily Perlstein

Paul Ryan seems very stiff and robotic. Anyone shocked? Didn’t think so.

20.06 Devashri Nagarkar

The stipes on the ties clash with their background colors.

20.06 Julia Nusgart

I am not feeling Ryan’s tie. Something is off, same with Biden’s.

20.05 Tyler Miksanek

30 seconds in and Biden brings up Bin Laden?

20.05 Matthew Dudak

Sam, I think that may be a smart choice. For the first time in awhile, a Democrat has a leg up on Foreign Policy.

20.05 Devashri Nagarkar

Biden points out Obama’s persistance about Osama and the way he followed through.

20.05 Sam Niiro

Can we stop doing side-by-side cameras? I don’t want to watch Joe Biden and Paul Ryan weirdly pseudo-smile at each other all night.

20.05 Emily Perlstein

Julia, I was about to ask what you thought of their ties.

20.04 Sam Niiro

Biden says a president’s most important responsibility is national security.

20.04 Julia Nusgart

I would like to point out I did not bring up the tie thing tonight.

20.04 Devashri Nagarkar

Yay! another man hunt.

20.04 Sam Niiro

“Wasn’t this a massive intelligence failure, VP Biden?” (attack in Libya)

20.03 Matthew Dudak

The candidates sit down, interesting.

20.03 Sam Niiro

Biden in a blue tie, Ryan in a red tie. Who is surprised? No one.

20.02 Tyler Miksanek

Jim Lehrer looks different this week.

20.02 Sam Niiro


20.02 Matthew Dudak

Lets do this.

20.02 Tyler Miksanek

Wolf Blitzer just pointed out our two candidates today are different. Great reporting, CNN!

20.01 Sam Niiro

We begin.

19.59 Matthew Dudak

And CSPAN just showed a guy yawning. Things are off to a roaring start.

19.58 Matthew Dudak

I have CSPAN.

19.58 Sam Niiro

By which I mean I’m watching it on CSPAN.

19.57 Tyler Miksanek


19.57 Sam Niiro

Out of curiosity, where is everyone watching the debate? I’m currently on PBS, though trying to find CSPAN in my area.

19.56 Julia Nusgart

I cannot and will not promise anything, but remember appearance is another form of nonverbal communication.

19.55 Tyler Miksanek

Julia – as long as you don’t make this an hour and a half long discussion on the relative merits of each candidate’s tie, I’m okay.

19.49 Julia Nusgart

And I am making the live blog look unprofessional?? I miss you Sam.

19.46 Sam Niiro

Tonight’s contestants: “Scranton Joe” Biden and Paul “Ripper” Ryan.

19.43 Sam Niiro

Whoever else encompasses you. Now shh, we’re making the liveblog look unprofessional.

19.37 Julia Nusgart

Thank you Mr. Niiro. Already feeling the “love”.

19.35 Sam Niiro

Tonight’s commentators: me, Matt, Tyler, Robbie, and whoever else shows up.

16.16 Matthew Dudak

Welcome to the Vice Presidential Live Blog! We will begin on October 11th at roughly 8-9:30pm Central Time.


  • On October 11, 2012 at 7:43 pm Simone said

    You people with your central time zones.
    I’m looking forward to reading this!


    • On October 11, 2012 at 8:03 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      Sorry, 9 Eastern, as well.


      • On October 11, 2012 at 9:38 pm Simone said

        It’s all good, I can convert time zones.
        Everyone’s comments were quite enjoyable. There were several times in the debate where I laughed-nay, guffawed out loud. Most notably the “Oh, so now you’re Kennedy” line.


        • On October 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm Tyler Miksanek said

          I’m glad to hear you had fun!


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