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22.05 Tyler Miksanek

Good night everyone…

22.05 Tyler Miksanek

So… we have an Obama victory, although a few swing states are still up in the air.


22.03 Tyler Miksanek

Additionally, we’ve heavily analyzed swing state county results and there is no feasible way for Romney to overcome key deficits.

22.01 Tyler Miksanek

We here at RantAWeek are calling this election for Obama on account of the Daily Show starting and us having to watch that.

21.58 Angela Yang

The mast on the Empire State Building lights up in red and blue to measure the number of electoral votes, which makes me wonder how much money goes into election night…

21.55 Angela Yang

5 minutes until the next polls close!

21.54 Devashri Nagarkar

On Congress: “Congress has the same amount of approval as small pox,” – CBS guy. And yet the House goes to Republicans and Senate most likely to Democrats. Changing nothing.

21.51 Tyler Miksanek

That being said, Romney is still leading the popular vote rather solidly. However, the west coast will readily impact that.

21.49 Tyler Miksanek

Yeah, I don’t see this working out for the Romney camp. The remaining electoral states are simply too stacked against him, especially with what are shaping up to be Obama wins in Ohio and Florida.


21.46 Matthew Dudak

Considering how Miami-Dade and Broward are going currently in Florida, we at at RantAWeek are calling Florida for Obama. Coupled with a likely victory in Ohio, an Obama win is pretty much inevitable.

21.42 Tyler Miksanek

The Romney camp is apparently ‘very tense’.

21.39 Matthew Dudak

Why did the Romney supporters just shown on TV look like hippies?

21.38 Tyler Miksanek

I disagree, Mr. Obama. Romney has too big of a lead.

21.35 Matthew Dudak

I think, considering how close North Carolina currently is, and that Charlotte only has 87% reporting, leaning Obama, Obama will still win North Carolina.

21.33 Ned Lauber

I guess so, but it still bothers me that it’s giving +1 to the Democrats for that on Huffington Post, especially as they count Angus King and Bernie Sanders as Democrats too.

21.30 Matthew Dudak

In other news, Bernie Sanders, the best senator ever won in Vermont.

21.26 Matthew Dudak

Mr. Lauber, technically the Democrats still won the seat, even though Lieberman aligned himself with the Democratic caucus.

21.25 Tyler Miksanek

I’m now saying Obama is winning Florida. It’s not official or anything but I don’t see Romney overcoming his vote deficit. But can he win if he comes from behind in Ohio and maintains his lead in Virginia?

21.24 Ned Lauber

You’re counting Lieberman as a Republican?

21.24 Matthew Dudak

Currently Colorado’s ballot measure to legalize marijuana is winning with Yes getting 53% of the vote.

21.20 Matthew Dudak

Iowa, you are maddening. Only 1 county has reported!

21.19 Tyler Miksanek

Romney STILL has a popular vote lead.

21.18 Sam Niiro

Warren (MA), Donnelly (IN), Murphy (CT)

21.18 Tyler Miksanek

James Carville is on CNN. Everyone must now turn to CNN.


21.17 Julia Nusgart

Sam, make up is so much more than just Candy Crowley’s awful blush.

21.16 Ned Lauber

Of course, the inevitable Democratic losses in North Dakota, Montana, and Nebraska aren’t in yet.

Also, Sam, are you counting Angus King or Elizabeth Warren as the third one?

21.14 Sam Niiro

Akin projected to lose to Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Republican candidate McMahon projected to lose in Connecticut. For those of you tracking the Senate’s makeup (like its composition, Julia, not its blush), that makes three red seats that have flipped blue so far this race.

21.12 Angela Yang

Ok the map thing on CNN is officially a smartboard, the guy just wrote on it with his finger!

21.08 Claire Bratzel

Sounds from our election party: “Okay I know this is really weird but I need to stretch out my back so I’m going to do some yoga right now.” -Tyler

21.05 Julia Nusgart

Tyler, we also pay attention during the party conventions, primaries, and debates!

21.04 Matthew Dudak

CNN calls New Hampshire for Obama. First swing state down!

21.04 Tyler Miksanek

Election Day- the one day of the year when people pay attention to what people on CNN are wearing.

21.04 Julia Nusgart

Wolf Blitzer’s tie, heart, and hair all match.

21.04 Julia Nusgart

I am disappointed in fake Anderson Cooper’s tie.

21.03 Matthew Dudak

“I’m just randomly hitting counties.” Thank you fake Anderson Cooper.

21.03 Matthew Dudak

If you want an awesome electoral map, because The New York Times is struggle-bussing, go to our British friends at The Guardian, their county breakdown is awesome.

21.02 Tyler Miksanek

I still don’t think Romney’s lead will hold. Polls were too strongly against him in the final days of the campaign.

21.00 Matthew Dudak

Just so I can beat Tyler in our electoral predictions, I hope Wisconsin goes Republican. I think it will primarily because of the failed Walker reelection, and Ryan’s presence on the ticket.

21.00 Tyler Miksanek

New polling data as the 9pm central polls close. We will start to learn some Nevada numbers very soon.

21.00 Angela Yang

Utah goes to Romney!

20.58 Tyler Miksanek

Still, any hope that Republicans had of taking over the Senate should be dissipated now.

20.56 Sam Niiro

I hope you’ve learned a lesson today, Tyler.

So: CNN calling Indiana Senate seat for Donnelly, Massachusetts for Warren. The Senate turns slightly bluer (at least, until we see Democrats lose seats elsewhere).


20.53 Tyler Miksanek

I’m sorry Sam. I underestimated you.

20.53 Ned Lauber

I had 3 open when Sam linked to them.

20.53 Sam Niiro

Anyways, networks call Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois for Obama. In other news, water still wet.

20.52 Sam Niiro

I’d like to respond to an earlier accusation from Tyler: I am NOT the only person with three liveblogs open.

…I have four liveblogs open.

20.52 Angela Yang

I love the commercials on the CNN advertising for CNN. It’s like inception, but in news form!

20.52 Matthew Dudak

Then again, it is Florida, so you never know.

20.52 Matthew Dudak

In Florida, the few counties that Romney is winning in, they are very small, and urban, and Romney is barely winning. Considering that just Miami-Dade is yet to finish reporting, and they will likely go to Obama, it looks like Obama’s lead will continue to grow.

20.48 Angela Yang

Romney’s ahead so far electorally, but many states that were supposed to go to him have already been reported. We will see what happens next!

20.45 Ned Lauber

I read that as “American flag burning” at first. It was…odd.

Anyway, hello to everyone! I’m blogging with pneumonia surrounded by a decent chunk of the Vanderbilt LGBTQI community! It’s fun.

20.45 Tyler Miksanek

Colorado is leaning Obama with half the vote counted.

20.44 Tyler Miksanek

Used properly, patriotic. Used poorly, tacky.


20.43 Angela Yang



20.43 Julia Nusgart

How do you feel about American flag bunting; patriotic or tacky?

20.42 Matthew Dudak

Obama is projected to have won Pennslyvania. Some people thought it may be a toss up, but nope!

20.42 Angela Yang

With 27% reporting, Pennsylvania is already projected to go to Obama.

20.39 Angela Yang

Clean coal is an oxymoron.

20.38 Angela Yang

Our next liveblog should be on the possibility of an endwar in the next few years. I think it’s very likely.

20.38 Claire Bratzel

Sounds from our election party: “This ice cream tastes like freedom!” (Referring to Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream, of course).

20.37 Angela Yang

On CNN, there’s a tiger cartoon sticker on the wall in the background…AWESOME!

20.35 Matthew Dudak

So far, nothing terribly unexpected. The states that were expected to be too close are too close to call, and the states that were expected to go one way or the other went that way. Kinda boring right now.

20.31 Tyler Miksanek

Romney is currently in the lead by less than one thousand votes in Florida. My entire electoral prediction rests on Romney winning Florida, but it is way too close to call.

20.27 Tyler Miksanek

Sam Niiro, probably the only person who currently has three liveblogs open.

20.25 Sam Niiro

Some OTHER liveblogs you should be following in the rare breaks you have from our deep and incisive coverage.

Everything else is boring and awful.

20.21 Julia Nusgart

Sounds from our election party: “Maaaaaaaaatt I want a juice box!!!”

20.20 Tyler Miksanek

Obama maintains his lead in Ohio. Florida is still extremely close. 2000 rehash…?

20.20 Matthew Dudak

Win 61% reporting, Indiana is the first state that is certifiably Republican.

20.19 Claire Bratzel

Sounds from our election party: “Wow, chocolate milk!” -Me

20.18 Matthew Dudak

Sounds from our election party: “Florida better not screw it up again!” -Michael.

20.10 Angela Yang

CNN projects that republicans will keep control of the House.

20.10 Tyler Miksanek

Matt, the answer is no. I think Nader effectively killed third party opportunities for a while.


20.08 Matthew Dudak

Does Gary Johnson have the potential to get 5% of the popular vote and get federal funding next time around?

20.07 Tyler Miksanek

Sorry Sam…

20.07 Matthew Dudak

Romney supporters standing around with beer in their hand. That is such a plebeian drink for Romney, don’t you think?

20.06 Sam Niiro

Correction, Tyler: you seem to have written “awesome” where you meant “awful”.

20.04 Matthew Dudak

Tyler, I think if we would see reform on the electoral college, we would have seen it in 2000. But if you want to know more about the flawed system, read Mr. Miksanek’s great article from awhile ago!

20.04 Tyler Miksanek

Roseanne Barr has more than 5,800 votes in Florida right now. If she Naders this election, that would be so awesome.

20.04 Claire Bratzel

No, I think it will honestly take an act of God to change the ridiculous electoral college system. I do, however, think a loss in the popular vote will seriously undermine Obama and limit his reelection momentum even with a definitive electoral win.

20.03 Tyler Miksanek

If Romney wins the popular vote and Obama wins the electoral vote will the U.S. consider changing its electoral vote system?


20.01 Matthew Dudak

In Ohio, the counties with Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton all have less than 1% precincts reporting. Which will be a big boost for Obama.

20.00 Tyler Miksanek

Florida-wise. Miami-Dade county has only reported 1% of its precincts. It’s heavily Democratic and could help Obama out a lot.

19.59 Claire Bratzel

I don’t think CNN’s website can handle all this traffic, because it just crashed on all of us here at Election HQ. You’d think with the giant budget they have for this day they’d install some more servers…

19.58 Tyler Miksanek

Do we expect Obama to maintain that lead? I’m not all that sure. We have to look county by county.

19.53 Matthew Dudak

With 55% of the electorate in Florida being Women, and 30% being a minority, Obama’s current lead is not all that surprising.

19.53 Bradley Disbrow

Romney’s absolute lead in the popular vote has remained the same – just about 700,000.

19.49 Michael Lynch

Did you know only 2 candidates have won the presidency without Ohio, The canidites were Franklin D. Roosivelt in the 1944 election and John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election.

19.48 Bradley Disbrow

Better than CNN…they’ve predicted STATES for candidates that haven’t turned in any votes.

19.47 Sam Niiro

They’re also not showing counties as blue or red that have 0% of precincts reporting, which is probably a smart move.

19.46 Tyler Miksanek

Obama is still up 16% in Ohio. That’s pretty difficult to surmount.


19.45 Claire Bratzel

Good point Sam. It appears that the New York Times is NOT participating in horse race journalism.

19.44 Sam Niiro

Well, divergent isn’t right. But different.

19.44 Sam Niiro

NYT and CNN, it should be noted, are showing wildly divergent results.

19.42 Claire Bratzel

As of right now, CNN has Romney ahead in the electoral college, but the also haven’t added New York or Pennsylvania in for Obama yet.

19.42 Tyler Miksanek

A Lincoln commercial on election night. How well timed, CNN!

19.42 Angela Yang

Did you know that Missouri has actually been the most accurate in predicting the outcome of the election? Yep.

19.38 Angela Yang

Michael, you make this liveblog sound almost as intense as CNN has!


19.34 Bradley Disbrow

I wouldn’t put it out of the question. Although Romney may win landslides in the South and build up huge margins there, it will still call into question the sanctity of the Electoral College.

19.34 Julia Nusgart

I don’t know! They only invite me here for my fashion critics and beautiful sense of humor.

19.33 Sam Niiro

So…how ’bout that election?

19.33 Matthew Dudak

Romney currently has a popular vote lead, but Obama is leading in electoral votes. This may very well be the story of the night.

19.32 Tyler Miksanek

Romney is STILL ahead in the popular vote. Does anyone think there could be a popular vote/electoral vote winner difference?

19.32 Bradley Disbrow

Obama has swung back into the lead with a comfortable 150,000 vote cushion in Florida.

19.29 Claire Bratzel

Whoa whoa whoa, let’s judge dear Candy on her moderating skills, not her outfit (at least completely).

19.29 Angela Yang

Candy Crowley, not a good look for you…

19.29 Julia Nusgart

EW! Candy Crowley I love you girl, but seriously do you want a new stylist because I am avaliable!

19.28 Tyler Miksanek

Back to the election. Romney is still ahead in Florida and Ohio is still Obama’s.

19.28 Matthew Dudak

You never know when you might need a catheter Bradley!

19.27 Bradley Disbrow

I’m seeing one about Medicare for catheter users. I’m feeling that I’m not CNN’s target audience right now.

19.26 Claire Bratzel

Menards commercial on CNN! Because watching election coverage makes me think home improvement.

19.26 Tyler Miksanek

Don’t let CNN corrupt you Angela…

19.25 Angela Yang

Ooooh yay comercials for nasal congestion.

19.25 Devashri Nagarkar

Tyler, I am pretty sure that every president has won Ohio, Republican and Democrat.

19.24 Claire Bratzel

Julia: Good point! She’s remaining impartial.

19.23 Julia Nusgart

But Claire, purple is the combo of red and blue!

19.23 Tyler Miksanek

Isn’t that just for Republican presidents Devashri?

19.23 Devashri Nagarkar

Obama in the lead in Ohio. In the past, a president has never won without winning Ohio.

19.22 Claire Bratzel

Julia: but it isn’t red white and blue…not impressed.

19.22 Tyler Miksanek

You can legally vote for no one. That’s like not voting- but turning it into a statement. Power to the people!

19.22 Julia Nusgart

The lady on CNN is wearing a very nice purple dress.

19.21 Bradley Disbrow

Actually, I think by law in Nevada, voters are allowed to vote for no one.

19.19 Matthew Dudak

CNN has a “None” column in Nevada. Are they expecting a strong third party turnout?

19.19 Bradley Disbrow

True, Matt. Give me Anderson!

19.17 Matthew Dudak

The current CNN anchor talking is trying to look like Anderson Cooper, but failing. Nice try.

19.17 Bradley Disbrow

Of course, Florida’s going to swing back and forth all night.

19.16 Julia Nusgart

Hey guys!

19.16 Tyler Miksanek

You’re right Bradley- but Florida has been swinging back between Romney and Obama. Also, 100,000 isn’t all that much in such a big state.


19.14 Bradley Disbrow

From CNN, of course.

19.14 Bradley Disbrow

And Romney, unsurprisingly, is now projected to take Georgia.

19.12 Bradley Disbrow

Don’t look now, but Romney is up by a little over 100,000 in Florida.

19.12 Matthew Dudak

This could be a very interesting election if Romney wins the popular vote and Obama wins the electoral vote. This would be revenge for 2000?

19.12 Tyler Miksanek

Romney maintains a significant lead in the popular vote right now. That being said, California results aren’t in yet.

19.09 Devashri Nagarkar

Romeny is up for population vote, and he is also ahead in electoral college, which according to New York Times is 40- 36 Romney.

19.08 Bradley Disbrow

And can I just say that I think CNN is awful? They have projected South Carolina for Romney and he’s not even winning…

19.07 Bradley Disbrow

Hello all! Looks like an interesting race shaping up tonight…Florida still too close to call!

19.06 Tyler Miksanek

Obama’s up in Ohio. That could be the election if he holds it.

19.04 Matthew Dudak

Currently, Obama is ahead a bit ahead in Florida, with 42% in, with 51% of the vote. This is actually quite surprising. Yet we are still waiting for the panhandle in Florida.

19.04 Tyler Miksanek

Alright, we begin with a continued Romney lead in Virginia but a Obama lead in Florida.

19.01 Matthew Dudak

And it is now 7pm, we are beginning our live blog! Obama has Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maine, and many other obvious states.

18.43 Tyler Miksanek

Indiana Senate race is dead even. As expected.

18.42 Tyler Miksanek

Florida is slightly Obama right now by about 60k votes, but there are many more precincts that still need to report.

18.28 Tyler Miksanek

Okay… Romney has an early lead in Virginia. This could be an interesting night if it holds.

18.08 Tyler Miksanek

Mine is the same as Matt’s except I give Wisconsin and Virginia to Obama and North Carolina to Romney. Also, people have been asking me all day for these election predictions so it better end up 303-235… my reputation is at stake! That being said, a couple of states are tossups and could easily go either way. We will be starting with results at 7 central, focusing on the electoral behemoth of Ohio. We will also be looking at some key Senate races in addition to the presidential election, so I’ll see you all then.

20.26 Matthew Dudak

We have asked our panelists to post a predicted electoral map. Mine is here. Electoral breakdown- Obama: 295, Romney: 243.

19.18 Matthew Dudak

Starting at 7pm on November 6th, we will begin our coverage of the event that we have all been waiting he entire year for: Election Day! Please join us with our full extended panel!


  • On November 6, 2012 at 6:45 pm Zoe said

    It’s interesting that you guys are doing this o: Thankss


  • On November 6, 2012 at 6:51 pm Ernie LeDuc said

    I predict Obama 312 Romney 226.


  • On November 6, 2012 at 7:13 pm Ernie LeDuc said

    Remember last three big states to report are Calif., Ore., and Wash. They will change the popular vote dramatically.


    • On November 6, 2012 at 7:51 pm Tyler Miksanek said

      I agree. The popular vote should lean more towards Obama as the night progresses.


  • On November 6, 2012 at 7:29 pm Tara said

    Haha you guys are hilarious… I’ll be watching all night!


    P.S. Hi Tyler and Dudak =)


  • On November 6, 2012 at 7:43 pm Mme. Tort said

    Mathieu, je suis là! A ce point, ça a l’air que le Président pourrait gagner la Floride. (Vraiment, j’espère que tu n’as pas l’intention d’être éveillé toute la nuit! Tu dois être à l’école le matin!)


    • On November 6, 2012 at 7:57 pm Matthew Dudak said

      Bonjour Madame! Oui, mais demain est arive en retard!


    • On November 6, 2012 at 8:43 pm Allison said

      Oh, bonsoir Madame!


  • On November 6, 2012 at 7:58 pm Brazil said



  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:02 pm Smith Mitchell said

    Man Florida’s tight right now…


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:04 pm Brazil said

    For serious though, it’s interesting being down here and watching the returns. Brazil has an electronic system, so they know the results within the hour. Pulling an all nighter to watch the returns is considered ridiculous and the system is inefficient. I am currently writing this on a device with sporadic internet, so there you go.


    • On August 15, 2014 at 8:55 pm Matei said

      You’ve captured this pelycetrf. Thanks for taking the time!


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:05 pm Heidi Nassos said

    haha Claire the same thing just happened to me. Now I have to actually pay attention to CNN on tv instead of constantly refreshing the page every 5 seconds.


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:09 pm Smith Mitchell said

    I’m a little interested to see how much New York’s election will be effected by Sandy.


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm Smith Mitchell said

    Less than 200 votes difference in Florida???


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:20 pm Natalie said



    • On November 6, 2012 at 8:26 pm Tyler Miksanek said



    • On November 6, 2012 at 8:40 pm Angela Yang said

      Hi Natalie!


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:28 pm Smith Mitchell said

    I have two up…


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:40 pm Angela Yang said

    Can the internet break?


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:40 pm Allison said

    YES. This is great, thanks guys :)
    This is the only election site I’m paying any attention to haha


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:42 pm Anonymous said

    Dems get a the Senate seat in Mass.


  • On November 6, 2012 at 8:55 pm Julia Nusgart said

    I wonder if Dan Clark is reading this.


  • On November 6, 2012 at 9:36 pm Smith Mitchell said

    I don’t think you spelled Lafette right Julia… I’m not sure…


  • On November 6, 2012 at 9:40 pm Smith Mitchell said

    This is kind of localized, but I just looked at DuPage county and CNN has Obama projected to win…


  • On November 6, 2012 at 9:49 pm Anders said

    Yay, Obama!!


    • On August 14, 2014 at 3:48 pm Lalaine said

      That’s really thinking at an imessrpive level


  • On November 6, 2012 at 9:51 pm Anders said

    Yay Politics!!


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